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7 Things Everyone With A Big Heart But A “Dark” Soul Understands

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Life is full of the unexpected and sometimes things happen that change the very essence of who you are.

It’s not easy to trust those who surround you but this doesn’t indicate that you are any less big-hearted than you used to be.

1. You put other before yourself

Generosity comes naturally to you, even if others don’t give you the same in return. You are happiest when you can give the people you care about joy.

2. You are incredibly protective of your friends, family and significant others

Your negative experiences have shown you that you don’t wish for anyone else you love to struggle like you did. You will fight like a tiger to ensure that nothing and no one can even think about causing pain to any of your loved ones.

3. People often believe your are weak because you are kind

There will always be some who cannot understand how generosity and kindness work because that’s not who they are. You don’t have to go easy on these people. Do whatever it takes to chase them away.

4. You can empathize with one group of people while still being able to laugh at others

You’re the kind of person who feels deeply when you meet anyone less privileged than you. But at the same time, when a rich person complains about a cut in their pocket money, you find it hard to keep a straight face.

5. You criticize yourself much too often  

There will be a few nights when thoughts of that person you used to be come back to haunt you. You want to go back to your naïve self but you’ve seen too much of life. But you can still retain that part of yourself.

6. You trust and believe in people too much

Life has let you down a lot but you just can’t learn your less. Remember that you are not responsible for the flaws in others and you deserve much better.

7. And finally, you forgive people who treated you like garbage, hoping they have change for the better

The Universe loves you for it.

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