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12 Psychological Tricks That Will Change Your Life Forever!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Do you really want to know what your friend or date is thinking about you? Are you trying to understand the best way to make someone laugh?

Well – most of our actions are due to our inner psychology. The secrets can be unlocked with small changes. Here are some of the psychological tricks and tips that can help you in your daily life:

1. Exciting First Date

When you are going for a date, both you and your date expect something out of the ordinary. Try to go to a thrilling place – like an amusement park and get the excitement rolling. With the dopamine pumping in, your partners would attach you with the fun quotient.

2. Feet Placement

Look at the feet of people to see if they are interested in you. If the feet are pointed to you, they like your topic of discussion. If they are aimed away, they have something else on their mind.

3. Favors

Don’t ask a favor just for the sake of asking. Rather tell them you really need their assistance a lot and then ask for favors. This simple change will make them do things for you in a genuine manner.

4. Confrontation

The best way to avoid a confrontation from escalating unnecessarily is to stand beside them. When standing in the front, you become a threat; beside them, you pose no harm.

5. Nod To Inspire Positivity

If you want someone to agree with you, then nod while you speak. When you nod, the other person will mimic you, subconsciously making their brains agree with you too.

6. Gum To Calm

If you get too anxious, start chewing on gum. Your brain gets too busy on the chewing gum and it stops reacting to nerves.

7. Rubbing Hands Before Shaking

Warm hands and cold hands can make a difference: one can tell that you are a kind and warm person while the latter shows that you are a cold and distant one.

8. Stop That Earworm

When you don’t know the end of a certain song, our brain tries to finish it and so, you are always repeating it in your mind. If you want to stop the repeats, learn the ending lines of the song by heart.

9. What’s In A Name

Know what their names are and trying bringing them up in your conversation. Especially, when you greet them. That way, they know you value them.

10. Building Trust

While talking to another person, mirror how they are acting. This chameleon effect will increase the chances of someone actually liking you.

11. Making Someone Agree With What You Say

Emotions connected to our speech make people like us better and agree too. So, focus on the emotions as well as the subjects you are talking about. Laugh while making a joke or get furious at something bad. People will reflect and mimic it.

12. Confidence

If you lie with confidence, there is a chance that people will believe you. On the other hand, if you say the truth with stutters, then people will think you are lying. So, use your confidence and next time you are in an interview, ace it.

Use these small tricks and you can change how you interact with people completely.

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