Powerful Virgo New Moon Aug 30th: Get Ready To Roll Your Sleeves Up And Work Work Work!

by Conscious Reminder

New Moons have always been associated with new beginnings. We are invited to the classroom, to the desk, and to the fields by the Virgo New Moon, shadowed by the declining August Sun.

While the New Moon last month was in Leo, one should try to enjoy the increasingly dwindling freedom as Virgo creeps in.

You will be given one more opportunity to get your groove, and then it is a basic 9 to 5. This once, you need to understand your work, the people you are working with, and how this work satisfies your cause in life.

Move towards the sun, and put your game face on. The time for action beckons you. We are nothing but solitary reapers, forever tasked with the duty of digging in the dirt.

As we see it, there are seeds currently growing in the very soil that we dug before, so there is no time to waste by planting again, or trying to destroy what we planted.

We will get what we deserve, so why not simply accept what Karma has in store for us.

The Virgo New Moon is all about the lessons learned through pragmatism, and not merely thinking wishfully. Since we have no time to waste, it is prudent that we decide things at the drop of the hat.

Since there are no clouds of delusion or doubt hovering around us, we should be able to make, and decide what we want, whilst also planning a proper schedule for the time that we are going to spend.

Since Virgo is pretty clear about what we want, there should be no doubts in our minds. Know that playtime is over, and the dawn is soon around the horizon. Keep peace inside the deepest part of your heart, and get to work.

Unlike other New Moons, this one isn’t going to put us in a state of depression. The Virgo New Moon almost conjuncts Mars with Virgo, whilst trining with the Uranus Retrograde in Taurus.

This conjunction with Mars is somewhat physically invigorating. In fact, your spirit gets so invigorated that it almost becomes competitive.

Using this power is of the essence, as we can use it to make a great deal of change not only to ourselves but also our bodies, our routines, and our general state of being.

Trining with Uranus makes us expect the unexpected. While not necessarily evil, this might make us shift or transform our plans a little, which could be better at the end of it all.

Since the energy from Uranus is all about communication, it would force us out of our bodies to communicate and mix with the general hubbub.

This could lead to exchange in ideas- ideas literally about anything that tickles your fancy. In the end, it must be said that both these ideas are so interesting in their own right, that having them coincide is downright special.

This is when you should get your gear up by using moss agate, magnetite, jasper, amazonite, etc. Try to keep your health up by consuming mint, caraway, and fennel, along with seasonal fruits.

You must not eat when the night is about to turn into day, for Virgo rules over your nervous system and digestive system. Eat small meals but quite frequently.

Although this would be quite a busy time for you, try to meditate to calm yourself down. This will also help you stabilize your core.

Try to connect your throat chakra with the solar plexus. You could also try breathing exercises, all designed to calm you.

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