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Using Psychic Protection Against Negative Energy Attacks

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by Conscious Reminder

No peace lover ever wants to indulge in this topic willingly since most of us prefer to believe in the Law of Attraction.

We hope that putting out Light and Love into the universe attracts them back in some form. However, the reality is that some people will always send us bad energy. This is where psychic shielding gains importance.

Even if we try to avoid conflict to the best of our abilities, sometimes we cannot escape. The first step is realizing that we are under attack or that a person has ill wishes toward us. Ask yourself if you feel unusually weird or if your dreams are being invaded by attacking and disturbing images.

Perhaps you feel like crying without any reason, or you are experiencing strange physical symptoms and pains that have no clear relation to your present health. Maybe you feel disconnected from your third eye. All of these are some methods of noticing negative energy attacks, and you need psychic shielding.

A First Line Of Defence

Crystals are a great way of setting up psychic shielding. Attacks can leave visible effects like cracked magical rings. A Black Magic attack using negative energy can also blind the third eye and take away our ability to view anything behind the veil.

There can be even worse examples where stores have been forced to close down with the owners suffering from trauma.

Psychic shielding and protection can be carried away in several ways. The simplest method of clearing negative energy is using candles and smudging. A larger psychic attack, like a spell, curse, or using negative names to attack, will need the assistance of rituals, deities, and angels.

Crystals can be an effective first defensive line. Black Onyx is a powerful stone for warding off randomly discharged negative energy. Before that, we can simply start by smudging using white sage and cleansing our space and our person. You may think of it as a psychic shower.

Proceed after the cleansing. Knowing the name of the attacker can also be beneficial as using it while cleansing can return the energy. A blend consisting of Rose Petals, White Sage, Frankincense, and Dragons Blood Resin can be beneficial for clearing spaces filled with negativity and crossing over troublesome spirits.

Simple Psychic Shielding Ritual

A simple ritual for psychic shielding that can protect us during our rest and in our dreams is as follows: First, use salt or white chalk to encircle the bed. Call the four directions’ angels while casting the circle.

For those who are not working with angels, the directional Goddesses/Gods will work as well. The technique should work with any Ascended realm or Pantheon.

After calling them inside, tell them about being attacked and pray to them to protect you while sleeping. Light and let burn a white candle. For big problems, use a candle that lasts for 7 days and allow it to burn till it goes out on its own.

The next morning, after rising, call the protective energy and inform your helpers that you will carry the circle on you. This will ensure the continuation of the protection.

This will help in abating sleep disturbances and improved days. This method is beneficial for dealing with simultaneous negative attacks from multiple powerful people.

As for why people may send negative attacks, it is primarily because of unneeded negative emotions such as control, greed, and jealousy. However, the only way to attain external peace is inner peace. Only send out positive energy and remember that whatever is sent out will return to you 3-fold, at least.

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