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Are You Sure You Are Not The Toxic One?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We all love to focus on the external. The world outside. We judge the people around us- their motives, thoughts, and actions.

But how often do we stop to introspect? How many of us practice this integral method to become better versions of ourselves?

While you judge people away, ever thought how you could be the toxic person in someone else’s life? It is human nature to blame the world for their own shortcomings.

But the blame-game will only take you so far. Sooner or later you will have to acknowledge that it is your own actions that lead you to difficult situations.

So make sure once in a while you take a look within. You may understand how you have not been your best version in certain situations. This will lead you closer to reaching your own fullest potential.

But don’t delve too deeply in your past mistakes and behavior. Those were just moments, no need to beat yourself up about them. For now, try to improve your behavior so that the future will seem brighter.

While realizing and accepting our faults tends to upset us, it is good to acknowledge your toxicity. When you can identify the problem within, working on it becomes that much easier.

At times, it is you who must change. You can blame the universe, your near and dear ones, or any other person, or even the circumstances that forced your hand.

But what is important is that while each of them plays their part, so do you. When you shout at a child for annoying you, it is the lack of self-control on your part which makes you react.

Feelings are spontaneous and others’ words and actions always have their effect on us. While we cannot control the feelings within, we can always practice controlling our reaction to those feelings. You can be raging in your mind but as long as you learn to express that calmly, you will have peace.

Problematic as behavior and reactions can be at times, you have to work on them only when you feel so. Just because someone else said you are wrong or your reactions are invalid does not mean you go down the spiral.

You must have enough self-awareness and confidence to know when someone is outright manipulating you. But you’re overconfidence must not tell you that you can never be wrong.

This is where introspection comes in. You must be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You have great power within. You must learn to use it wisely.

As you learn to pinpoint your own faults, you will see changes in your behavior. You’ll stop twice before basely accusing others of your problems. You won’t say the situation made me do this.

When you are self-aware, you notice the other truly toxic people around you. Don’t let them manipulate you. It is true that they can be the cause of your troubles but reflect on your role as a part of that problem too.

Instead of going to extremes of self-love or hatred, become self-aware. Good and bad are both within us. Spread the positivity within and improve on the bad habits.

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