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Real Love Requires Effort And Commitment, Walking Away Is Not A Real Solution

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by Conscious Reminder

Any relationship requires hard work to stand the test of time. Love comes easy, keeping it safe and sound for a lifetime is the difficult part.

While we bloom in love, love also brings out the nasty in us. It leaves us raw and vulnerable and only a strong and supportive partner can help us through.

If you feel like you two have been more of angry birds than love birds in recent times, know that this is common for us all.

When things get real, arguments can arise easily. But if you decide to work through them, instead of throwing in the towel, both of you will emerge victorious in love.

Love Is Beyond The Initial Bliss

When you are in a relationship, the initial “honeymoon” phase will be all about love and warmth. But as you discover more about your partner, turbulences will come along. When the rose-colored glasses come off, you are left in tears, pain, and anger from time to time.

Arguments are important but value your relationship above the petty arguments. Let your love for each other shine through to help you survive the difficult days.

Commit To Each Other And To The Relationship

It’s easy to abandon when the going gets tough. What a long relationship requires is that both of you face your troubles together. Your love will provide you the strength to survive your storms. When you both truly commit to the relationship, you find ways to tread the murky waters.

Compromise Is Necessary

For any relationship to survive a long period of time, both of the parties will have to make adjustments and compromises for the other. While you may not like everything your partner does, your love should tell you to support them and accept them.

Certain situations will also require sacrifices from you both. When you find a balance between your sacrifices and your demands, know that you are in a loving relationship. And it will stand the test of time.

The Virtue Of Patience

After you are done screaming your head off in an argument, take time to cool down. Then return back to each other and resolve it calmly. Differences in opinion should not mean any one of you should feel invalidated.

Hear them out and speak your mind in due time. Clear communication is the way to success. Be patient with them. After all, they are the one you said “I love you” to.

Constant Support

Always remember that you two are on the same team. When problems arise, it is not you versus them. It is you two versus the problem. You don’t get to quit on your teammate. You support them and see them succeed.

Love is all dreamy and mushy but a relationship requires effort. Constant effort to work through your differences, to work on your own selves to be better suited for your partner, to work on the other person to help bring the best out of them.

When both of you commit and work hard equally to make the relationship work, it usually does. Don’t let go of love!

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