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Astro Forecast For The Week Of June 17th: Home Is Where Your Heart Is

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by Conscious Reminder

Yesterday, June 17th, the Sagittarius Full Moon brought some pretty magical energies. This week is going to be one fantastic and long voyage as this year’s only Sagittarius single Moon lit up our skies.

If we had the ability to go anywhere in this world, where would it be? During the two weeks that come, we could collect enough evidence in order to reserve the villa or room at the place we would love the most.

However, if traveling is not our immediate option, we can do something else.

We should check out every cultural activity which just tourists often practice. We could even score a discount for being local residents. Also, if crowds are not our thing at all, we may always journey in figurative senses near Monday. We can go to mind-blowing lectures, meet our friends for sound baths and Kundalini yoga classes.

The Full Moon from yesterday also blesses entrepreneurs and teachers. It would be our time to finally launch the beta-test or workshop of our latest product. We may get genius ideas sooner than we think.

On Wednesday, the 19th of June, the feisty planet Mars in the sign of Cancer is going to face off with the volcanic planet Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, when we are supposed to temper our impulsivity.

On that day, things will not be as they seem, and we would not like to end up with nonrefundable tickets to places we wouldn’t like to go. Also, on Friday, the planet Neptune will go retrograde, and it will be an excellent period to cleanse our crystals.

On that same day, the numinous planet Neptune will spin into its yearly retrograde. With this planet going retrograde, we are all going to be more open to the powers of suggestion, or the energies present in one room. Those of us who are psychic sponges every day should be more vigilant when it comes to shielding their fields.

We are supposed to implement solid boundaries and also trust our intuition when, in fact, it is telling us that it would be the time to finally leave or also turn down the not-so-random street. As Neptune is seas’ God refillable bottles of water will be our preferable accessory this summer for more vibrant health. 

As Friday will be the longest and lightest day this year, we should see it as the great period of our personal illumination. Moreover, on that same day, the summer solstice will beam in, in order to herald the primary day of the season of Cancer.

With the solar flares which shoot in the most sentimental and the softest parts of the hearts until the 22nd of July, we are going to get cozy with our innermost circle. In fact, there will not be a better period of the year to connect with our best friends and relatives.

We can have a picnic together with them or enjoy a long day on the beach. We should take our “home” everywhere we go. We should also soften up our workplaces with some cozy touches.

As Friday will be the longest and lightest day this year, we should see it as the powerful period of our personal illumination. We can sit down, take our journal, and also dedicate this summer solstice to following our hearts’ wisdom.

Creative bursts are probably going to evoke some transcendent artworks, particularly on Sunday, the 22nd of June, when the creative planet Venus is going to face off with the broad-minded planet Jupiter. We should plant ourselves somewhere that will inspire us.

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