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Libra Season 2020 Is Here And It’s Bringing Some Interesting Energies For All

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by Conscious Reminder

Libra Season 2020 starts on 22nd September, the day of the Autumn Equinox. As Fall season officially begins, prepare for transitions and changes in many aspects of your life.

Libra Season 2020 is all about getting rid of mental blocks and letting new ideas replace them. Before you jump to new conclusions, use your practical senses, but also trust your intuitive powers.

Confusion will prevail with Mercury and Mars in Retrograde. But intuitive powers will also receive a boost this season. As the veil becomes thinner between the realms, it will lead you closer to your higher truth. The vision may not be clear yet, but you will know where you need to focus.

Libra And Divine Connections

Themis, the Greek goddess of justice, is often associated with Libra, whose symbol is a pair of scales. Apart from seeking justice and equality in the mundane, the Scales also represent Divine Law. They remind us to follow our own truths and stick to our morals. The Scales influence us to align with our inner divinity.

In Egyptian Astrology, the Ma’at goddess is associated with Libra. Ma’at wears a feather in her crown. This feather is used as the yardstick to determine the quality of life. When a person dies, their heart is weighed against this feather, which indicated the authenticity of the life lived.

Those who lived a pure life had their heart balance the feather. The feather is not about how many rules you follow on earth or how far you met the expectations of your society. It is all about how far you followed your true calling and whether you lived to your full potential.

We all aspire to be leaders of our society where we act responsibly and try to bring harmony. But we also need to align our actions with our higher truth.

Libra Season 2020: Make The Most Of Libra Energy

Libra energy is as much concerned about compassion and forgiveness as it is concerned about balance. It asks us not to judge people by their looks. One does not need to meet the standards set by others. Each one is on their own karmic journey, which is guided by each one’s heart.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed with others’ opinions, tap into the energy of Libra season 2020. It is time for you to connect with your true self. Avoid comparisons and honor your higher truth. Let your own wisdom be the guiding voice. Embrace who you are, inside and outside. Trust your own judgment and stand up for the things you believe in.

Libra Season 2020: Key Dates

22nd September: Autumn Equinox

Libra season begins on a day when the day and night are balanced. Balance in the outer realm will prompt us to seek balance within.

28th September: Saturn Turns Direct

After a long Retrograde phase, the taskmaster is turning direct. A karmic cycle will come to an end that had started in December 2017.

29th September: Mars-Saturn Square

1st October: Full Moon in Aries

The first Full Moon of the month will activate Mars, releasing some volatile energies.

4th October: Pluto Turns Direct

With Pluto turning Direct, further transformations await us in the coming months.

9th October: Mars-Pluto Square

13th October: Mercury Retrograde

The biggest event of Libra Season 2020, Mercury turning Retrograde, will bring chaos and delays. Find clarity within.

16th October: Libra Supermoon

A Super New Moon rising in the middle of the month will bring high-frequency energies.

17th October: Activation of the Arcturian Portal

Just before Libra Season 2020 comes to an end, Arcturus and our Sun will align to send sensitive energies of awakening our way.

Libra Season 2020 will bring a host of new energies our way. Balance and Inner Truth is what we all need to seek this season. Let your intuition be your guide, trust the Universe with the rest.

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