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Venus Enters Libra, Sept 14th – Oct 8th: Balanced Love

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by Conscious Reminder

Venus has two zodiacs under it. While in Taurus, Venus turns us money-oriented but in Libra, Venus shines its romantic light on us.

As Venus ventures into the zodiac of Libra from 14th September to 8th October 2019, let’s see what’s in store for us.

When Libra and Venus unite, it’s harmony all around. Libra brings balance and Venus brings cooperation. Libra’s airy vibe adds to Venus’ calm nature and makes us all strive for peace. In our personal and well as social lives.

When Venus Greets Libra

As Venus shifts in the balanced Libra sign, love will be the theme for the latter half of the month. Venus rules our love lives and Libra is all about romantic escapades. Together, they highlight our sense of peace, social lives, and partnerships.

This month will see your relationship turn light and enjoyable, leaving aside all the heavy stuff. Libra’s peace-making tendencies help us maintain balance irrespective of the turbulences.

Venus’ presence in Libra makes us all the more charming and yes, we will be prone to sweeping issues of the relationship under the rug for the time being. The usual angry-birds will also turn into love birds now!

But love is no one-way street. During this period, the unbalanced relationships are in for a roll. Libra’s sense of equality, fairness, and balance will make you work on the unbalanced aspects of yourself as well as your relationship.

If you are in a relationship where both don’t quite meet halfway, it is high time you start working on it. While you may find out the shortcomings of your relationship, the transit will help you work through them.

Both Venus and Libra are about co-operation, instead of abandoning at the first sign of trouble. You can always start new and strive for more positivity.

Apart from love lives, Libra and Venus are also concerned about style and beauty. This phase would want us to be surrounded by things which are aesthetic and make us feel relaxed yet beautiful.

You can gain a great sense of confidence and pleasure if you go ahead with home redecoration or give your personal style and look a boost.

Venus’ presence in Libra indicates a great time to be in love, truly and whole-heartedly. Co-operating with those around you, striving for peace and balance in all you do, and leading a relaxed and beautiful life will be the main themes of the second half of September.

Keep calm and enjoy this great transit!

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