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A Kind Soul Saves A Malnourished Husky And Gets A Best Friend In Return

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by Conscious Reminder

Animals are lovely. They can be your best friends. If you have a pet, you know how wonderful they can be. They are family.

Yet in many countries, stray dogs can be a nuisance. In general these street animals are nice too, but they are vulnerable to different kinds of diseases.

Bali is such a wonderful island, but they have a stray dog problem. Don’t worry too much about giving them dog biscuits. They are lovable creatures. But you must look out for signs. There have been outbreaks of rabies in Bali and the government has to do a lot to take control of the situation.

When Animal Care is in the culture

But we, as citizens, should take a bit of charge too. That’s why the citizens of Bali have come up. These generous-souls have taken charge and provide food and shelter to many stray animals. They have also saved them from numerous dangerous situations. It’s within their culture. The people of Bali follow the faith of Hinduism, and according to it, Yudhisthira went to heaven accompanied by his dog. Their religion and culture promote such kind acts. So, now you can  imagine how amazing the people of Bali would be regarding their treatment of animals. Rico Soegiarto gives the proof to us all.

Kindness at first sight

Rico Soegiarto saw a poor Husky on the streets of Denpasar. It was malnourished. The animal’s state shocked him. With bald spots on his fur, she looked like she was struggling. She had become so thin that her bones were showing. She wouldn’t have lived for long. But maybe it was the mercy of God that brought Rico to her. He saw the glimmer of hope in her bright eyes. He couldn’t stop himself from offering her another change in life. It was the heart he felt in her.

Another chance at life

And the second chance flourished for both. Rico nursed her with plenty of food and trimmed her hair properly and voila, within 10 months, the husky became healthy with luscious hair. The bright eyes didn’t leave her, but now, her paws don’t leave Rico anymore. She just loves her saviour. And Rico says she loves to eat cookies. A lot of it at that. Be careful, Rico, you don’t want her to get fat now. The only problem is her over-friendliness. She’s just too friendly to everyone. That’s scary, especially since Bali has so many thieves.

Hope is her name. Rico knows that it’s the best name for her. That’s what saved him, and gave Rico a new friend.

Perhaps, there are thousands of Hopes outside to be brought to life. What are you waiting for? Go out and save an animal, adopt a friend – get yourself a family.

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