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Is My House Haunted? What Are The Signs?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Is my house haunted? It might sound like a Hollywood movie, but please, hear me out. All of this comes from personal experience.

You don’t have to believe me, but I believe many people have gone through similar experiences and so, this thing needs to come out.

While the theory might be far-fetched, all I ask from you is an open mind.

I believe there are certain things that science has still failed to address. So, I hope it’s not going to be too hard for you to open up your mind a little bit.

One day, my fiancé and I moved into a house. I was delighted to come to a new place and hoped positive vibes to embrace me.

But things did not turn out that way at all. Within a few days, I became terribly depressed.

It was an intense form of negative emotion that was interacting with me and I don’t know how and from where it came.

The feeling intensified whenever I walked through the door and entered my house.

And that’s when I started asking other people.

A neighbor told me that a lady used to live in this house but she shot herself dead just a year back. Was this the negative energy that the house emanated?

I confirmed my feeling with my fiancé and he too agreed that there was a lot of negative vibes in this house.

We never had such a problem before and we had lived together earlier. The only thing that changed was the house.

And since my fiancé is generally out for work, I stay alone in this house, facing the negative vibes.

Our house is old and moldy. The electrical system is quite old and outdated. We don’t have a basement. The house is located by train tracks and an Exxon Mobile.

However, I do not believe that these factors are causing the problem. Our house seems to carry a bit of residual energy it seems. Or maybe it is truly haunted.

Perhaps, someone might have an answer to these strange happenings.

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