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Auspicious August 2022: Arrival Of The 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal

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by Conscious Reminder

August 2022 is going to be explosive. The conjunction between Uranus, Mars, and the north node in Taurus was historic while all the other fixed signs are fighting it out in a long battle.

All we needed was a moment of peace from this upheaval, and this is where the Lion’s Gate Portal came in. We will tell you whatever you need to know about this great phenomenon.

What Is The Lion’s Gate Portal?

The Lion’s Gate Portal can be considered to be the luckiest day of the year. The myth is tied to the rising of the star Sirius, which rises over the eastern horizon on August 8. Sirius combines the expansive energy of Jupiter with the decisive energy of Mars and creates an abundance of growth, luck, and power.

What Does It Mean?

The Lion’s Gate Portal will allow you to be bold, opening new avenues of opportunity, and is the perfect time to manifest the life that you always wanted.

Ancient Egyptians believed that the rising of Sirius coincided with the flooding of the Nile, so the time was viewed as fertile or prosperous. It was also considered to be significant dawn where all the stars rose.

The name “Lion” came from the Leo season when it usually goes down. So, all the brave and courageous qualities of the lion ties into the power offered by this Portal.

How Does This Portal Work With Numerology?

8 is considered to be a lucky number in numerology. It is associated with wealth, success,s and abundance, and August 8 (08.08) has the power to carry your life to the next stage.

How To Celebrate This Occasion?

The Lion’s Gate Portal is a new event, and the rituals that you perform can be customized into whatever you like and prefer.

You can choose to work with crystals and create abundance for the alter that will honor the event. You can also take your pen to paper and write down your wishes and aspiration, as it is a fool-proof way to shape your existing reality.

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