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Why Are We So Afraid Of Change?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Whenever we come across the prospect of change, we curl up. We don’t want anything to do with it. Even if we are unhappy in our current situation, we resist change.

Change is not something we want. It will propel us to an unknown world. We don’t want to be surprised. We don’t want to start from scratch and put ourselves back into that grueling process of adaptation.

We are living in a certain way and that’s ideal for us. Yes, it might be a terrible way to live but we have adapted to it. We know what different kinds of problems can come up in our present scenario.

The change will just put us in unfamiliar terrain. What might lie in the shadows of our new life after the change? We are not sure of the world that we would enter.

There are no predictions. We will be blind in the new world and that is what makes us feel scared.

Timing is also an important reason why we resist change. Is this the right time to change? We need to be prepared well if we are to change. But then, are we? We do not want to suddenly switch our jobs even though it is sucking our soul.

Maybe there’s a recession outside. Who would feed us if we suddenly go out of the door? No – we don’t have that luxury. We wait for the right time to come.

Someday, when everything is all right, we will take the door and move into our new changed world. But in this delay, we lose out on several golden opportunities.

We are trapped by our habit. While we do want an adventurous life, we are also the ones who want everything to remain consistent. We yearn for stability. We can’t always enjoy life by stepping into a roller coaster.

Sometimes, we just want to sit in a car and cruise down the city on a straight road. Big dreams mean a lot of sacrifices. And we are not willing to give up things with which we have become attached.

We are also stubborn humans. We may not admit it but even if we are unhappy in our careers, we will try to make it work. We do not want to walk away from an abusive relationship even if it is taking our all.

Rather we would pretend everything is all well and try to sit it through. But if we can only take action and bring a change in life, maybe things would be different.

On top of everything, success is not going to be guaranteed. If you go through to change and you fail, you will regret it. Maybe the change will only lead to rejection.

We can end up in a pit of depression and unhappiness. So, we try to play it very safe. We do not want to risk it. Risking and losing all of it seems worse than just staying put and leading a life full of struggles.

Leaving the old can be a very scary thing. But change is inevitable and necessary. Build up that courage to bring change from within.

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