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Tonight’s Full Moon In Sagittarius Is All About Gaining Clarity

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by Conscious Reminder

If you think you are facing trouble, then rest assured that you are not the only one.

However, for a couple of days, the cosmos is encouraging us to unhook without worries and lose ourselves in a greater, magical existence.

An Overload Of Feelings

The upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius is maxing out our escapism, exuberance, and optimism. As such, we may get to see the ways in which we have pulled the wool over our eyes. It might be our beliefs and prejudices warping our perceptions.

Or, it might be how we have misunderstood situations and people, trusting the party that should not have been trusted. When this lunation ends, our perception might have experienced a major shift to one that is softer, gentler, and more open to being influenced by love, hope, and faith.

At the same time, the overload might also make us see the messages from beyond our imagination that has long sought attention. A few of them may have been there during the beginning of the year, and hitting a climax in April. However, things at the time might have been far too foggy to properly grasp these messages.

The overload is caused by two primary factors. The first one is Jupiter’s, the Moon’s ruler, state. His influence is generally that of amplification and exaggeration.

Presently, he is residing in Aries’ fires associated with assertiveness, brazenness, risk-taking, self-starting, and impulsiveness. It has a simple message – go for the things you want first, think later.

The second factor is the T-square being formed by the upcoming lunation with Neptune. This planet is being equally pressured by emotions and intellect. Consequently, the fog output is only increasing.

But this fog is filled with possibilities: connectedness, great feelings of love, imagination, and divine guidance. On the other hand, negative possibilities like delusion, deceit, and gaslighting are also present.

Neptune’s Gifts And Saturn’s Guidance

In April, a rare Neptune-Jupiter conjunction took place that last occurred in 1856. The upcoming full moon might force into play the gifts which arrived at your doorstep in April.

Some ways of remembering these issues are jotting down the dreams, doodling, automatic writing, and journaling. You can follow your impulses and hunches as well to remind yourself of the gifts.

Thankfully, through all these, you will also have a rope to guide you along during this lunation. It is in the form of a sextile with stable Saturn. The aspect will offer security, structure, and an incentive to act like an adult.

Saturn is the driver designated by the cosmos, tying down our ship filled with dreams to the dock. If you search for it, you will find the help you need. If you embrace it, you will receive it easier.

The upcoming journey along with the help will feel like things you have to do, albeit they might feel uncomfortable. The inconjunct that the lunation is making with Northern Lunar Node will need a bit of adjustment. Since Venus is also forming a conjunct with the Node, you can rest assured that the adjustment will be very valuable and needed.

The lunation may be an extremely healing time as well since Mars and Chiron will conjunct will forming a wide trine with Moon. You might feel a boost in your masculinity, aggression, political beliefs, or life philosophies. You might attain a fresh understanding.

Lastly, regardless of the events that might take place during this lunation, they will provide you with relief after the intense recent months.

Imagine you are in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and simply ride along enjoying the view. At the same time, maintain a modicum of disbelief and do be very careful of the rules.

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