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3 Steps To Achieving Enlightened & Conscious Intimacy

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by Conscious Reminder

There are numerous tips for improving our sex lives, according to mass media. Most of the tips are about taking some specific actions in order to pleasure or arouse our partner.

Although most of those tips and ideas may be fun and interesting to try, the best possible sex will come not from the use of particular technical skills and methods, but from our connection with our partner.

Regardless of the fact if we were married for a long time, or have simply started feeling one another out, we should try the following three steps in order to build a much better connection with our partner and even bring natural passion during the playtime:

First of all, we have to be friends.

There is something really special when it comes to friendship. Friendship is the relationship which includes a choice of being together, without the existence of other social obligations.

Friendship may be supportive, committed, and profound, still completely flexible and relaxed simultaneously.

On the other hand, our ideas related to romantic relationships, usually include roles, expectations, and responsibilities which are going to lead to pressuring ourselves and our loved ones too, in that way diminishing the sexual pleasure.

We should decide to let everything go and be best friends with our partner. We should do that in our head, or even out loud, being committed to our friendship first, only for one day, or even forever.

We should respect our partner, and be sincere to him or her, just like we do with close friends. We should relieve ourselves of other expectations related to our romantic relationship. The shift in perspective is going to free us and bring us together, permitting us to rediscover the unique benefits to this friendship.

Share our dreams.

We can frequently discuss our weekly or even daily purposes with our partner, or we can make New Year’s resolutions at the end of the year together; however, we neglect to remind one another of the brightest visions we have for our future.

When our partner and we share what we really desire in our lives, we can experience the amazing feelings our dreams are going to bring, and see our partner living in their most fulfilled and happiest state, and even reaffirm what we are moving toward with each new day, together.

We should take several minutes in order to sit and visualize how our wishes are becoming a reality. We should open ourselves to sharing our dreams freely or to entirely embrace the ones of our partner. Moreover, connecting with our souls and hearts around our best intentions is going to bring us excitement and peace for our lives together. In turn, this is going to increase intensity and intimacy for our physical connection too.

We should commit to each other

Regardless of how formal the commitment or how long the relationship is, doubts and insecurities about this commitment may arise all of a sudden.

This can happen particularly when the relationships is a new one; our mind could be continuously occupied with deliberation about the way things are going. Affirming our presence, our patience, and our plans for the relationships together may easily overpower such unnecessary anxieties.

We should make a specific gesture of commitment, regardless of the fact if it is small or big, in order to demonstrate not only to ourselves but to our partner as well, that we are in this together.

Moreover, depending on our relationship, it could be our lifelong love’s re-affirmation, or simply a promise, in order to give our new relationship the chance to start blossoming. Our passion and confidence will also be boosted when we decide to accept one another fully.

Making some moves in order to provide a nourishing, inspiring, and healthy connection with our partner may be the biggest turn-on.

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