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Today’s New Moon In Scorpio Will Give You Power To Face Your ‘Monsters’

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We are deep into the magic of the Scorpio New Moon. It is going to be terrifying and uncomfortable.

Get ready to be charged with the jolts of electricity of change. The Scorpio New Moon might be liberating but the liberation comes with a shock.

The Scorpio New Moon has a bit of Halloween touch to it. It comes like an opposing force to the radical changer, Uranus in Taurus.

It might go into the darker places of our psyche and try to bring up some un-confronted issues which might be lying in wait. However, the lunar energy keeps charging you and your surroundings – so, get ready to find your hidden secrets resurfacing.

Wrongdoings and motivations that were once affecting you will slowly get exposed. Phobias will start getting revealed. You might get too nit-picky in what you choose to engage with during this phase.

But the real power remains within you. Don’t resist – you really can’t. The change will be inevitable. While you might feel scared and quite exhausted when you face some dark monster arising from within, you can get surprised when you instigate the entire process.

Finances and your relationships will start getting into the mixture. The Love Goddess, Venus, will come in Scorpio and Mercury will be retrograding on 31st October. You have to investigate the world around you as you enter the month of November.

Mercury, the New Moon, and Venus are going to be setting its focus on the bigger events that are coming in. Libra is ruled by Venus – it’s going to be the period when you adjust your relationships with your past and your future.

Get rid of the old. The Aries Full Moon had a pact with Pluto to bring about a change from within. You might have already seen these changes happening in your relationships.

Now, the two major lunations are again coming together with the change agent, Pluto. Venus is going to color the opportunity side while Mars would ask for action.

Saturn will become Pluto’s partner and will establish the right kind of order. Mars and Venus are all looking to bring about continuous changes.

If you can control the change, you might be able to steer the lunar energy to reshape yourself. Identify your strengths and treasure it.

Get rid of your demons. Love your relationships. Leave the past and start prioritizing the present. Connect with yourself.

The Scorpio New Moon is going to bring some action in your life. Christmas will bring the Capricorn New Moon and early January will have a conjunction with Saturn and Pluto.

Get ready for action all through the final leg of this year and the early periods of next year.

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