Mercury Turning Retrograde In Scorpio On All Hallow’s Eve Is As Creepy As It Sounds

by Fiona Aedgar,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Mercury turns retrograde today at 27°Scorpio and will appear to move backwards through the skies until the 20th of November when it will turn direct at 11° Scorpio. The Shadow phase of the retrograde lasts until the 7th of December.

Mercury is the planet associated with our thought processes, intellect, and communication. The following words are a general guide for Mercury retrograde and not a substitute for an individual chart reading as each person will experience the transit in a different house (life area) in their charts, making different aspects to personal planets.

Retrogrades are a natural cycle of life, and external events tend to slow down during these periods, with time appearing to move more slowly, giving us an opportunity to contemplate and review our lives on an internal level. The planets are not the cause of events, they’re simply a reflection of us and the choices that we’ve made under free will. The retrograde is an optical illusion, but its energetic effects are very real.

The spiritual purpose of this retrograde is to improve our communication and thought processes surrounding our love relationships and work on the ability to feel and express intimacy.

Mercury starts off the retrograde making a conjunction to Venus, the Goddess of love, who is in detriment in the sign of Scorpio, and our love lives will experience intense ups and downs during this cycle. Female friends, past life lovers and exes may pop up again, stirring up long-buried emotions, but we must retain our honor when dealing with these people and not allow them to affect current partnerships. We may receive visits from female relatives who are in the spirit world.

Scorpio is the sign of death and resurrection. We can experience a true rebirth during this transit if we surrender to changes instead of clinging on to outdated habits, emotional traps, and attitudes that no longer serve us.

The retrograde calls us to review our abilities to express intimacy. Is it difficult for us to talk about our emotions with partners or friends? If so, we should make these issues a focus of the retrograde. Are sex and emotional intimacy totally different issues? Pornography is damaging our society by normalizing casual sex and even removing the need for another person altogether!

How do we express sexual desire and is it in a way that makes our partners feel valued and honored? If sexual problems have been experienced recently then it’s helpful to examine our own behavior first. Do we make enough time for sex or is it rushed at the end of the day and not a priority which creates a lack of intimacy in relationships? Are outdated emotional issues affecting our sex lives?

During Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, we’ll feel drawn to investigate and research mysteries, occult topics, crimes and information that is hidden.

Dos and Don’ts of the retrograde:

Try to hold off on starting new projects. If you must start something new, then be cautious, and realize from the beginning that this project may not be permanent, or may turn out differently than expected. This includes starting a new job, moving house, or starting a relationship during the retrograde.

Do not get married under a Mercury retrograde.

Try not to sign contracts during the retrograde. If you must, then read all of the small print, and do not make any verbal agreements.

Don’t panic about the retrograde and think that doomsday is coming. Retrogrades are a natural cycle of life. Mercury retrograde will happen three times a year for the rest of your life and you’ll never be able to avoid that. Make the most out of the retrogrades and identify the spiritual lesson before it starts so you are prepared.

Don’t get back with your ex during the retrogrades. These people left our lives for a reason. The Universe is bringing them back to see if you still; resonate with the energy of this person. If you want a good relationship then find someone new.

If you fell out with a friend or family member and then come back during a retrograde think very carefully before you let them back into your life. If they used you or betrayed you before, they will do it again.

Check your car and electronic devices before the retrograde as the energy will make them more likely to fail.

If you do have issues during the retrograde, thank the Universe for giving you a great opportunity to grow!

Crystals useful for this Mercury retrograde include red Jasper, Rose Quartz and citrine.

Cypress essential oil helps with transformation and life changes.

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