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What Is A D-Factor And How Do We Connect It With Dark Personalities?

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by Conscious Reminder

All of us have different definitions of our inner darkness. We define it as unkind, mean, violent, etc.

Each of us tries to give a different characteristic to the inner darkness of a human being. However, is there any unifying factor in all of them?

Well, it has been referred to as the Dark Triad by the University of Copenhagen. According to them, the personality traits of Dark Triad personality types include egotism, entitlement, and spitefulness. There is also the unifying D-factor.

In an experiment for a paper called, ‘ The Dark Core of Personality’, 2,500 people were asked to agree or disagree with a series of statements, which included taking shortcuts in life and hurting others for their own benefit.

They were also asked about selfish behavior and aggression. The experiment was able to provide an inner look into the ‘common’ factors in all the dark personality types.

The 9 dark personality characteristics that came out of this study are:

1. Egoism

Egoism refers to the tendency of some people to put their needs first over everyone else’s. It doesn’t matter how close you are to someone or even if it’s your family – you put yourself first.

2. Machiavellianism

Named after the cunning statesman Machiavelli, Machiavellianism believes that if you reach the right end, the means do not really matter. With this trait, a person can use any kind of unfair means to get to their goal.

3. Moral Disengagement

In this kind of trait, a person can conduct themselves in an unethical manner but not fear any kind of consequences for their action. Their conscience is shut down.

4. Narcissism

This is a kind of self-obsession where a person paints a grand image of themselves and try to put it out to others. It’s their way to make others feel inferior about themselves.

5. Psychological Entitlement

This is a bit different from plain narcissism. Here, the person may not show that they are superior but think that they are superior and hence, they deserve ‘special’ treatment.

6. Psychopathy

Psychopathy is a terrible trait. In this characteristic, a person is lacking in both remorse and empathy. They are reckless and antisocial. They fail to form any kind of meaningful relationship.

7. Sadism

This is quite a destructive trait for others, rather than the person having it. This characteristic makes a person derive pleasure from hurting others, of seeing them in pain – both emotional and physical.

8. Self-Interest

This character trait makes people have an endless desire for more money, more friends, more success. It’s the ‘getting more’ mentality without ever reaching satisfaction.

9. Spitefulness

This trait is quite destructive. With this trait, you wish to harm someone else or yourself, perhaps because other people are seemingly better at you at something. Not only do you lose out on personal relationships but you also harm your self-esteem and inner peace.

It is possible that some of us have these tendencies to varying degrees. It’s important to not let these ‘dark’ characteristics take over us. Keep it in control and have a wonderful life.

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