This Is How This Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Your Love Life

by Conscious Reminder

Halloween is here and so is the spooky Mercury Retrograde on 31st October. Mercury Retrogrades means that we have to expect the unexpected and with the help of Scorpio now, its intensity will only increase.

The Retrograde motion will continue till 20th November but the post-shadow phase will be till 7th December. So, the rest of the year, Mercury will be casting its shadow in our lives, mostly to bring up past issues.

Mercury rules communication so this reverse motion will now cause mayhem in our daily communications. Be it the thoughts inside our head or the ones we speak/write/type out, miscommunication will be on the rise.

The period from 3rd October to 9th December, Mercury will be in Scorpio. So, the entire Retrograde phase will be affected by the emotional intensity of the watery sign of Scorpio. This also means past relationships will be highlighted now for us to review.

It’s better to focus more on emotions and communicating those emotions now rather than through thoughts. Scorpio also gives us the energy to get out of our previous skin and grow into who we are meant to be.

Transformation is a major theme this season and we cannot achieve our goals unless we walk through the darkness and feel its magical powers.

Scorpio is all about getting to the truth. Superficiality doesn’t work with Scorpio, so, this season, remember to be true and authentic to yourself.

Scorpio loves to explore the deep and dark recesses of our mind and we are bound to deal with the hidden skeletons in our emotional closet.

Scorpio will leave no stone unturned when seeking the truth. You could notice the toxic patterns of an ex or maybe a betrayal will be discovered.

Retrogrades usually bring back ex-lovers in our peaceful lives to rustle things up. They may be here after they finally realize you are the one for them.

Or maybe, they want to apologize for hurting you and are looking to heal themselves as well as you. But either way, the Retrograde energy will leave us feeling much better.

As we get more attuned to our emotional side, we will also be eager to communicate those feelings. For some, this will result in a talk with your ex about the way things ended. Maybe you will receive new information about past events which gave way to lies or betrayals.

For those of us worried about getting hurt again if an ex shows up again, remember that healing is important for both. If the other one makes an effort to reach out, don’t let your ego blind you.

That would only hurt you. Rather talk things out, no matter how difficult it gets. Only after you go through the process can you feel those past burdens vanishings.

Should we all be super-excited to get back together with an ex? No. But remember that those past events, with all their hurt and trauma, were a part of your growth. The hurt will subside now and you both can focus on forgiveness. If there are still any lingering feelings, you can give it another go this season.

The Retrograde energy will be most intense between 6th and 13th November so be wary of all communications and visitors at home. Don’t jump to conclusions before you hear them out.

No matter how well we think we understand reality, the lines between truth and lies will be blurred this Retrograde. Appearances will not be the reality. So, hear people out. You may receive new information which can potentially change your whole outlook.

We don’t really have much control over our emotions or life in general. We may think that a particular issue or event is in the past and we are over it. But only the Universe decides if there are any lessons still left for us to learn from that event.

If there is, it will keep popping back up. We need to work on them to finally heal ourselves. This Mercury Retrograde season, when past issues come back, learn to be patient and try to figure out its importance in the current scenario. Chances are, there is much healing still left for you.

Have a grand Halloween night and try to learn some important lessons from this pesky Retrograde.

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