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5 Common Misconceptions About Drug Rehab

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by Robert Tropp,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse, your best chance at recovery is through the care and support found in drug rehab.

While rehab provides the tools and support to help people move past addiction, many people are resistant to entering drug rehab. Whether it is the fear of the unknown or questioning whether treatment will help at all, addicts and their families approach drug rehab with hesitation. Because of this hesitation, many addicts form misconceptions about drug rehab that can often keep them from seeking the help they need.

The following are 5 common misconceptions about drug rehab and the truth that shatters each misconception.

Treatment Doesn’t Work

One of the biggest misconceptions about drug rehab people have is that it doesn’t work. While relapse is common in recovery, one must consider the length of treatment. Addiction treatment programs commonly last 30 days, and that short time frame doesn’t provide enough time for an addict to address all the issues that led to their substance abuse. When considering treatment, it’s essential to understand that effective treatment can often take 90 days or more.

Treatment is Too Expensive

Indeed, drug treatment isn’t cheap. On average, a stay in a drug treatment facility can run in the tens of thousands of dollars. The price tag is even higher for those who go to luxury facilities. While the cost of treatment can be high, many treatment facilities offer payment options that can help defray the costs. Many treatment facilities accept most insurance plans. Some facilities provide partial or full “scholarships” to attend treatment.

Additionally, treatment facilities sometimes offer sliding fee scales. Addiction treatment should be seen as an investment in your future, that for some, can be a lifesaver. If you are motivated to seek treatment, there are likely treatment options that you or a loved one can afford.

All Treatment Facilities are Based on the 12 Steps

For many years, drug treatment facilities featured 12-step support as a foundational element of their programs. While the 12-step philosophy can be an effective component of treatment, many are turned off by the moral and spiritual framework of the 12 Steps. Over the years, there has been a shift towards a clinical and psychological approach to treating addiction.

The truth is a 12-Step approach is still a common treatment feature of many many facilities. There are, however, many facilities that offer non-12-step programs that emphasis both conventional modalities of addiction treatment combined with complementary and alternative methodologies.

“I Can Get Sober on My Own”

For many addicts, they may feel they can get clean on their own and don’t need treatment. For those who try to get clean on their own, they try to go cold turkey or use self-invented methods of detoxification.

Drugs and alcohol have withdrawal symptoms that can be extremely painful and uncomfortable to endure. If addicts have underlying health issues or are abusing other drugs, withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening.

When addicts enter drug treatment, they will receive around the clock medical and mental health care that allows them to wean off of substances gradually. Once they are physically and psychologically stable, they can begin treatment in earnest.

“All I Need is Detox”

Some addicts feel that medical detox is all they need to recover from addiction. While it is true that detoxification helps restore the body and mind, it’s just the starting point in the recovery process.

Without dealing with the underlying issues that caused one’s substance abuse, addicts will return to active use, and their addiction grows worse. It is essential to undergo the entire treatment process to get the tools and support needed to address those underlying issues adequately.

Misconceptions about rehab can be strong enough to dissuade people from getting the help they need. It is important to address misconceptions about drug rehab through research and asking many questions. Taking the time to address misconceptions and seeing the truth about drug rehab will help people understand that drug treatment is the best choice to get clean and sober.

About the Author: Robert Tropp is a functional nutrition practitioner whose primary focus is substance abuse and mental health disorders. Robert uses a functional medicine approach to help clients regain mental and physical well-being.  Robert is an advocate for the importance of nutrition in addiction recovery and works as the health and wellness director at Nuview Treatment Center in Marina Del Rey, CA.

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