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This Is How The Fiery Sagittarius New Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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By Conscious Reminder

Just when we thought we could relax after the Mercury Retrograde, the Universe has planned another intense period for us! 26th November is set to host a New Moon in Sagittarius and it will not be calm.

The Sun too will be shifting into this zodiac and hence Saggis’ spontaneous energy will receive further boost now.

This New Moon will be accompanied by the fiery-unpredictable opposition of Mars and Uranus. So those are the major themes of this Saggi Moon- chaos, fire, and unpredictability.

Apart from that, this is also a time for new beginnings. The less we resist these intense energies, the better it will be for us.

We must learn to adjust to the changes and keep moving forward. New opportunities are waiting but we need to tread carefully under the intense energies of the planets.

Here’s what the zodiacs must know to stay safe during this New Moon:


As both the Sun and the New Moon will be in another fire sign, you will be more confident than ever before. Your spiritual faith will be reinforced and you will feel a deeper connection with your inner righteousness. But don’t let this feeling make you too judgemental. Don’t go about arguing with people based on your beliefs and opinions.


This New Moon is bringing in a lot of chaotic energy and you too will be feeling the edginess. This will force you to be defensive and might also make you attack others in your attempts at self-preservation. Clearly mark your boundaries to keep things from escalating.


Don’t believe everything you hear during this New Moon. Everyone will be irritated and willing to argue at the first chance. They might also say things they don’t mean or even lie. The best option for you would be to not take everything at its face value. Also, avoid too many interactions as that may cause unnecessary trouble.


Don’t let this Moon pull you in with its drama and chaos. This luminary is all about relaxation and rejuvenation for you. Turn your phone off, put some music on, and enjoy your relaxing bath. Self-care FTW!


The cosmos is really rooting for the fire signs during this New Moon. And your love life under this Moon will be on fleek! Just be careful not to cross boundaries when it comes to your partner. Arguments can break out at any moment so tread carefully.


The Moon will be rather kind on the Virgos this time. This is a great time to redecorate and prepare for the freezing winter. Let go of that party and focus on making your space as warm and comfortable as possible. You will be truly enjoying this New Moon.


Your words are your superpower during this period. Avoid sugarcoating and be blunt. They have great potential so be wise. Honesty will show you new pathways to opportunity and success.


The Mercury Retrograde taking place in your zodiac has finally come to an end. Your focus now shifts to money. Make the most of this New Moon while planning a new financial strategy. It will serve you good in the long run.


And finally, ’tis the time for Saggis! You have the power to embrace this New Moon and be true to yourself. Everyone’s eyes are on you now so have faith in your spontaneity and it will guide you through this Moon.


You have been on a hectic schedule for a long time now. This chaotic Moon will be taking its toll on all of us but you’ll be more susceptible to it now. So take some time off work and enjoy a break. Stay in and relax.


The New Moon is bringing unpredictability in all our lives. So why not stay close to your grounding force- your close-knit friend-circle? They will show you why they are worthy of your trust so make sure you connect with them during this luminary.


This Moon is bringing some new beginnings for you. Be it a raise or a shift, you have been working hard for it and the Moon will be bringing you great rewards. Be open to the changes and enjoy!

This November New Moon will be chaotic but we can always practice caution and avoid drama whenever possible. Be patient and it will pass soon.

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