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How To Use Mantras During Meditation

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by Conscious Reminder

There are many kinds of different meditations practiced around the world. There are some that use objects as their focus, while there are others that use lights or sounds.

Hence, Mantra Meditation was said to be a meditation branch which utilizes mantras as its focus points at the time of meditation.

Mantras are sacred sounds, words, or phrases which we may repeat in our mind or out loud to deepen our focus.

Using mantras will help lose the focus on our thoughts, but instead to just acknowledge them and let them go, without allowing them to occupy our mind. 

In time we will find it a lot easier to calm our mind and stop overthinking and overanalyzing.

These are the five benefits of utilizing mantras:

-Help in easily achieving mindfulness;

-Lessening every disturbing thought which appears during meditation;

-Deepen our concentration;

-Mantras fill our bodies with beneficial vibrations;

-They are free ways of learning mindfulness on our own.

-Here are the five examples of certain mantras we can repeat during practicing meditation:

5 Examples of Mantras to repeat during meditation:

Om – this is the primary universal sound. In the same time, it is the most potent mantra.

Om Mani Padme Om – this mantra means “Hail the Jewel in the Lotus.’ In fact, this is a mantra from Tibet.

Om Namah Shiamaya – this particular mantra is actually dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is calling upon him to destroy evils around us.

I Am Compassionate and Kind – This is another very powerful mantra. It will fill us with kindness and compassion towards ourselves and other people.

I Am Loved – This is another great mantra for people that suffer from self-confidence and self-love problems. It will teach them how lovable and perfect they really are as individuals.

What purpose mantras have during meditation?

Well, the response to this question is easy. Mantras allow us to focus on peaceful sounds. Hence, when we do mantra meditation, we need to choose one specific mantra which we are going to repeat.

This particular mantra is going to be our primary focal point at the time of mediation. Also, the thoughts which are flowing through our mind have to be observed during this session.

We should not judge them, and they are going to flow away in this way. They will leave us with a quiet and clean mind too.

Mantra meditation will be one of the easiest ways to accomplish mindfulness since our mind is going to be completely busy with the repetition of the mantra.

At the time of focus meditation, at the moment when we focus on a particular object, there are going to be additional thoughts that we should fight.

We should all try this particular meditation and also choose a specific mantra which will suit us better.

It is not only going to help us to relieve the stress levels, but it will bring our peace of mind and inner peace too.

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