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Synchronicity: The 11:11 Myth

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Have you ever tried pumping gas into your car and as you look at the gas meter, you notice that you have pumped exactly 11.11 gallons of fuel in the tank? Have you ever went grocery shopping and at the checkout counter, the cashier gave you $11.11 in exact change? Or how about when you’re simply working or studying and as you decide to look up at the clock to check what time it is, you see that it’s 11:11 in the morning or in the evening?

This strange “coincidence” as we would call it an example of synchronicity.

There are many attempts at trying to define this profound concept, however in simple terms, synchronicity can be defined as meaningful coincidences that happen in an individual’s life. This term was coined by a Swiss psychologist named Carl Jung who extensively studied the concept after he had a firsthand experience of such phenomena. His experience is commonly used to vividly explain the concept of synchronicity and has even become the subject of books and various studies.

Jung was working with a female patient who told him of her dream the night before. She dreamt that someone gave her a golden scarab. As she was telling him the story, Jung heard a gentle tapping on his window. When he stood up to see what it is, he noticed that the tapping was caused by a large flying insect. He opened the window and caught the insect immediately. When he inspected the insect on his hand, he realized that it was no other than a golden scarab!

Many of these synchronicities happen in our lives without us knowing. Oftentimes, we just attribute them to fate or regard them as mere coincidences. However, these synchronicities are more powerful than we believe them to be. In a way, they are fissures in the fabric of reality that reveal parts of a higher dimension to us. These synchronicities do not just happen because “it just does.” They have meanings that can be interpreted.

In the case of 11:11, there are several meanings that can be associated to this synchronicity. According to some, 11:11 is a sign that your angels or spirit guides are trying to establish a connection with you from the spirit world. There is also one theory that says when you see the physical characters 11:11, it unlocks your DNA and opens your subconscious mind. Another suggests that seeing 11:11 indicates an upgrade in your DNA.

Unlocking these meanings can prove useful to us in our lives. Synchronicities are a way of the spirit world to guide us as we go through our lives in this earth. It gives us a sense of purpose and it also gives us a deeper understanding of the many non-physical energies that surround us. The more that we lead our lives in alignment with the synchronistic path, the more we will be aligned with the universe. If we are able to do so, we will see magnificent changes in our lives.

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