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Blue Supermoon in Pisces, August 2023: Bigger, Brighter, Better

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by Conscious Reminder

Virgo season has only recently begun, but it has already proven to be problematic.

Not only has the sun been transiting this mutable earth sign, but Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet, is also newly retrograde, causing havoc with everyone’s plans. This is typically the time of year to gain clarity, get organized, and increase productivity, but with the planet of communication reversing through its rulership sign, it hasn’t been as easy to iron out the details. To make matters even hazier, the upcoming full moon encourages you to embrace the unknown. While rational thought can get you a long way, it’s important not to get so caught up in making sense of things that you lose sight of inspiration and artistic expression. However, the spiritual significance of the 2023 super blue moon is all about welcoming the creative side of your thoughts and ideas. They do not have to be perfect in order to be useful. In fact, their lack of perfection is sometimes what distinguishes them.

The upcoming super blue moon in Pisces is illuminating the area of your life where you seek to embrace the bigger picture. While refinement, logic, and accuracy keep you organized and informed, there’s so much more to learn when you’re willing to color outside the lines. Pisces rules the house in your birth chart where you are being called to entertain a more expansive vision, far beyond the confines of reality.

What’s A Supermoon?

Supermoons are larger than average full moons, which occur three to four times per year when the moon reaches its closest point in her orbit to Earth, making her appear 7 to 30 percent larger and brighter to the naked eye. Although supermoons occur at random, the most recent one occurred just last month, on July 3.

What Is A Blue Moon?

August’s second full moon is not only a supermoon, but it’s also a blue moon. The last super blue moon occurred in December 2009, making this lunation extremely rare. A blue moon, such as this one, is the second full moon in a calendar month. Unfortunately, the moon turning or becoming blue is extremely unlikely.

When Does The 2023 Super Blue Moon Take Place?

The 2023 super blue moon will appear in the mutable water sign of Pisces on August 30 at 9:35 p.m. ET or 3:35 a.m. CET on August 31. On this day, you’ll be tempted to abandon problem-solving in favor of embracing possibilities that aren’t based on logic or practicality. Even if the details aren’t completely ironed out, now is the time to lean into your expansive hopes, dreams, and ideals. Because Mercury will be retrograde in the meticulous sign of Virgo during this lunation, don’t expect organized or well-thought-out vibes today. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge your aspirations that don’t fit neatly into a box.

The bigger the vision, the better.

You are being called to focus your efforts in the house in your birth chart where this full moon will occur. Things may not be crystal clear here just yet, but inspiration will be present. What could you achieve if there were no guidelines or rules to follow? Your visions do not always have to make sense to others or to you. During this full moon, obstacles and limitations will feel hazy and uncertain, allowing you to tap into larger-than-life desires. Now is the time to focus on accepting the lack of control rather than trying to make sense of it all.

Follow the current.

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