Matthew McConaughey Explains Why Chasing After Happiness Leads To Sadness

by Conscious Reminder

You may love him or hate him, but you cannot deny that Matthew McConaughey is a talented actor. Give him any role, and he can make it even better and stronger.

You may like him for his accent, or his brooding voice, or just in general, his wonderful and surprising performances.

But what you may not know about him is that behind the façade of an actor is a thinking, deep-brooding personality. Almost like a reflection of his own powerful voice.

While this face of Matthew McConaughey may not come before you often, you will find it in this video. The video is an inspirational one and it will resonate with you. On top of everything, it will make you think deeply about the subject of happiness and goals.

The speech is a long one and McConaughey covers a lot of different topics. He even tackles the age-old question of cause and effect. You see, Matthew McConaughey was once a survivor and he still is – the only thing that happened with his life is that he survived and turned the tables in his favor.

It wasn’t easy.

But what he did showed him a lot more about life and happiness in general.

According to this wonderful action, happiness is not just some state that you enter. It is more of an outcome, a result. So, if you want to go for happiness, you will be disappointed. You will be unhappy. Because you will not always find the right result regarding something you are doing.

But when it comes to joy – things are a bit different. Joy is not a choice or a response. It’s more of a state – a constant state, according to McConaughey. It is a kind of feeling we come across and absorb if we do what we really want to do, no matter the outcome. It is a constant state if you follow your passion.

What he says is so true. Many of us try to seek out happiness – that elusive state of mind. But in all this pursuit, we forget to enjoy all the little things of life. We forget to enjoy the cool breeze brushing gently against our cheeks or the smell of lilacs wafting all around the garden as they bask under the morning sun.

Sometimes, all it takes is to take ourselves out of the picture and just become the audience once.  Once, if you become an audience instead of the protagonist, you can see life on a grand scale. And you can finally find joy, satisfaction, and happiness in your life.

Our life may be difficult but we can always find joy in the little things if we just have the time and eyes to appreciate it.

Matthew McConaughey may be an eccentric person but he has achieved a lot, even with all his struggles. And now, with his philosophy, you know how.

Joy drove him forward and now, he is not someone who will ever look back. Even if life hits him hard, he has the power to hit back, or just move aside and carve his own different path.

Contentment is with him – always.

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