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Indigo Child & Adult – Traits, Signs and Psychic Abilities

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Indigo children and adults are people whose auras are indigo in color. Every indigo will undertake the mission of healing or teaching in some way, usually merely by being who she or he is.

Larger numbers of indigo started arriving around 1992. As a matter of fact, if your child was born after 1992, there is a high chance you have an indigo child.

”The indigo phenomenon has been recognized as one of the most exciting changes in human nature ever documented in society. The indigo label describes the energy pattern of human behavior which exists in over 95 percent of the children born in the last 10 years.” – Nancy Ann Tappe

The actual term “indigo” may have come from the color of the sixth chakra (also known as Ajna chakra or 3rd eye chakra). There’s a theory that these people are largely governed by the Ajna chakra which explains their different characteristics.

Indigo child and adult – traits, signs, and psychic abilities:

They have difficulty with absolute authority

On a deep level, indigos do not recognize “authority”. They will not be ordered around by so-called “authority figures”. They know we are all equal, and so they are enraged by those who assume authority and behave dictatorially, whether they are teachers, parents, or bosses. The exceptional intelligence of indigos can be exasperating to normal people.

Furthermore, they will not be “told what to do”, but will want to debate and negotiate every instruction. Until the authority figure learns that they are being taught to respect the indigo’s right to choice, and honor that choice, they will continue to be confronted at every turn with power struggles and battles of will.

Higher sensory perception

Indigos perceive the world differently. Without any need for development, their psychic capacity is finely tuned. Their Ajna chakra is opened and aids them to think clearly with total consciousness and confers deep spiritual insight. While they see nothing special in their psychic capacities, it gives them an advantage in reading others with ease and seeing through any masks.

They dislike the conventional education system

Let’s face it – the school system is dated and dysfunctional. Indigos often dislike school intensely. They are bored by the conventional education system’s slow pace and repetitive tasks deemed suitable for children by teachers who do not understand their intelligence and are only focused on memory.

Additionally, they get frustrated with educational systems that are ritually oriented and don’t require creative thought. Moreover, sitting behind a school desk for six (or more) hours a day is seen as no more than training to sit behind an office desk for eight hours a day or more, and most indigos have no interest in that life path.

Schools were originally designed to educate the children of the upper classes, who had the wealth and time to devote to mental pursuits as a sign of their superiority. Slowly, in the 19th and early 20th century, education became universal.

ADD or ADHD possible diagnostic

They may also be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). If your indigo child gets diagnosed with these conditions, it is crucial that you do whatever you need to do as a parent to help your child. Medicating these children or young adults only inhibits their abilities.

Note – there are an estimated 6.4 million diagnosed children in the U.S., according to the CDC.

Plant-based diet

Diet has also been shown to have an important effect on children. The stimulants in caffeine, artificial sweeteners and food additives, all have a negative effect on children (and adults) who are already high in energy. Eliminating these junk foods and concentrating on fresh and organic fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts, and cereals has been known to help to balance over-stimulated any type of children.

In addition, many indigos, in fact, prefer a plant-based diet (they also love the animals) if they are allowed access to it. But busy and uninformed parents usually aggravate the problems by feeding their children with a typical western diet, rich in meats, eggs, dairy products and cooked vegetable oils.

Right brain dominant learner

They are right-brain oriented and are commonly attracted to right-brain pursuits such as art, music, writing, meditation, alternative medicine, yoga, and spirituality. The right hemisphere of the brain controls expression and sensory processing. A right brain dominant child may also be classified as a visual-spatial learner, which signifies that his brain taps into learning through visual clues, he prefers information given all at once, and learns quickly through doing not observing.

Identity and radical authenticity

Radical authenticity describes a person who acts in accordance with motives, desires, ideals or beliefs that are not only hers, but that also express who she really is. Authenticity is not simply a desire for indigos, it’s practically a need.


“The conclusion of our book was that today’s children are different – more intelligent, more challenging, more intuitive, more confrontational, more spiritual, and in some cases even more violent – from any generation we have yet seen. This calls for a different and new way of parenting and schooling – outside of the old ways.” – Doreen Virtue.

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