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Full Wolf Moon/ Lunar Eclipse, January 10th: Not Such A Cheerful Start Of The Year

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by Conscious Reminder

January will witness some interesting cosmic events, one of which is to be the Full Wolf Moon Eclipse. The Eclipse is to occur on 10th January and will have a great effect on our lives.

The name Wolf Moon is given to the January Full Moon by various sources including the Native Americans. This is because the wolves howl more during this time. Earlier it was believed that the wolves howled because of hunger although there isn’t any proof for this.

The howling maybe for defining their territory and to communicate. It increases during the winter months. Also, the Native Americans held immense respect for wolves, this is another reason to name the Full Moon of January as such.

But what is special about this year’s Wolf Moon is that it is coinciding with a Lunar Eclipse. The Full Wolf Moon Eclipse is to occur in the zodiac sign of Cancer. This will have heavy influences on us due to its emotional nature.

There is nothing to fear about it though, just get your energies grounded properly. Do not get taken in by the Eclipse energies during this time. You will have higher intuition power in this situation and you should use it to your advantage.

The Energies This Full Wolf Moon Eclipse Will Bring

10th January’s prime focus is the conjunction between the Sun and the Mercury and its effect on the Eclipse.

It is expected to focus the Eclipse energies on the communication and trade-transport areas. The Moon will feel vulnerable due to the masculine and authoritative energies of the Sun, Pluto, and Saturn. 

Its effect on the individuals will be seen more in their thinking and speech. They will act more coldly and will become more calculative and even ruthless. Emotions will go out of focus and brutal reality will rule.

Bullies and bigots can also be encouraged. The emotional sensitivity will be increased by the eclipse on Castor that is a fixed star. It will also cause anxiety and depression issues for many of us.

On a macro level, governments across the world might try to curtail the freedom of media and people’s right to speech. Multinational companies might do the same.

The Moon represents the public and so as a result of this Full Wolf Moon Eclipse, the public can be subjected to deceit and propaganda. Human rights like freedom to form associations and that of free movement might also be threatened.

There is no need to be afraid of the Eclipse energies. As long as you keep the pressure off of you and keep yourself grounded, you’ll be good to go during this Full Wolf Moon Eclipse.

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