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November Astrology: Soft Energies Heralding The End Of 2018

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by Conscious Reminder

This year was really a period of retrogrades. Influenced by their energy, we had to stop and evaluate our lives’ paths. We also need to decelerate and take a look on our past for directions, wisdom, so that we can heal ourselves.

In the month that comes, two planets will be in retrograde – the planet Venus and the planet Mercury. Though there is going to be easing, and people will feel more relieved, as they are getting ready to enclose this year.

Finishing this month, people were in contact with the elevation of the retrograde of the planet Venus, and during the first 10 to 15 days of November, Venus will also get ready to start a new round.  The planet is going to finish the retrograde on the 16th of November, and during this period her obligation will be ended too.

But, on the day when she turns direct, the planet Mercury will go retrograde and is also going to stay in such a position until the 6th of December.

Once more, it looks like the Universe desires people to decelerate and mirror before they continue. Still, the good thing is that following this there is not going to be another retrograde planet until next year in March.

Although people will be working with the energy of the retrograde during November too, a sparkling occurrence which will be on the top and which carries positive energy in the lives of those people will also be present.

The event will occur on the 8th of November – the shift of Jupiter out of the sign of Scorpio into the sign of Sagittarius, which is its home constellation. These are excellent, beneficial news, and it is considered the most significant aspect of the following 12-month period.

During the period when the planet Jupiter moves in the sign of Sagittarius, people will feel communicative, plentiful, as well as enthusiastic and brilliant, and they will also feel optimistic.

A lot of tragedy existed worldwide, and there was also a lot of rigidity in politics; however, the planet Jupiter, being in the sign of Sagittarius, will be helpful in brightening the mood, as well as permitting people to notice some different ways of working together, instead of working against one another.

One day prior to shifting in the sign of Sagittarius, on the 7th of November, people can also see the New Moon, happening in Scorpio.

There is no intensity surrounding it, but, it will bring with itself more understanding, as well as more aspiration to everything that has been distributed on the Full Moon in the sign of Taurus of this month.

The New Moon will also call attention to and aid to enclose the problems which have been brought ahead at the time when the planet Jupiter has been in the sign of Scorpio.

Even though the things can reach a turning point during this period, there is a probability that this high point is going to lead the way to an aspiration, as well as to go ahead and discover forgiveness. 

As a result of that, people will have the imposing alignment of the 11th of November. The numerological code of that day is going to be 111111. It is an exceptionally strong code which is going to be helpful in advancing spiritual awakenings, as well as unlocking the portals of the world of spirits.

On the 1st of November, people are also going to obtain a taste of the energy; however, on the November 11th, people will be in a state of intensified sensitivity, as well as consciousness, and innovation.

It is going to be an excellent time of manifesting, meditating, as well as connecting with the spirit mentors.

On the 23rd of November, we will also see the Full Moon in the sign of Gemini and on the 25th the Sun will meet the planet Jupiter.

Although there will be high cosmic energies and retrograde activity, the planet Jupiter is the real star of November, and people are going to feel the abundant, warm-hearted energy soothing their wounds, pains, as well as raising them higher.

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