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Are You A Primal Or An Evolved Empath? This Is How To Tell The Difference

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by Conscious Reminder

Everything requires practice- be it trying to kick above someone’s head, playing Beethoven on the piano or trying to hone your instincts.

In this scenario, even empathy needs practice and dedication to evolve. What we need to do in the beginning is decided what our emotional state should be like.

Definition of Empathy

Imagine being in a room filled with people. When you walk inside that room, empathy would be the subtle shift in your emotional state. The mood of the room would influence your mood, and you might even connect with someone on an extremely energetic level.

If you also feel positive energies surrounding you and generally uplifting the environment, you would find yourself undergoing an empathetic resonance.

This ability, that makes you understand the emotional variety of another animate being is what empathy is all about. This is not all- people have been known to use music before plants to ensure faster growth. In some cases, humans have also been receptive to the plight of animals- and this feeling has been mutually reciprocative.

Who are Empaths?

An empath is basically anyone who is humane. By this, we mean someone who would know and understand the suffering and pain that a human feels.

They are extremely sensitive and in touch with their surroundings. Psychologists usually use this term to describe someone who would selflessly sacrifice themselves to relieve the pain of someone else.

It is true that we all have that quality inside us, amongst others like love, care, passion etc. How we choose to deal with it, how we choose to work with it is what makes us different.

An empath understands the emotions of another being simply by placing themselves in the other’s shoes. Don’t think for a moment that you will be able to understand what the other person is going through by just listening to them. You need to wholeheartedly put yourself in that position.

Primal vs Evolved Empath

Primal Empathy

As the name suggests, people with this form of empathy aren’t able to control what they feel or how they feel. They can often get overwhelmed by the number of emotions they feel at a given point. But, this also puts them at the risk of being manipulated, for they are quite vulnerable to strong energy attacks.

Interestingly they might never believe themselves to be empaths- they would rather consider it a minute change that doesn’t affect them much. Primal empaths often need to be taken care of, because they can’t properly process all their emotions.

Evolved Empathy

This is the exact opposite, where the individual knows which energies to play with. They have willingly accepted this role, and are excited to perforate and choose the emotions to work with what they feel best.

Being an evolved empath comes with the understanding that someone’s emotion can only matter to us if we interpret it in that manner.

We can easily choose to process our emotions properly if the intent is present. So, the moment we come to terms with what to feel and how, our right brain/left brain/heart coherence gets evolved.

A successful empath is a doctor, who has been charting his journey through the medical profession without any blemishes. For, a doctor can’t simply be empathetic to the conditions of people around; he also has to display intellectual understanding.

And finally, the two poles need to be joined together by sympathetic empathy. Only then will they be able to manage their emotions carefully.

So, which one are you? A primal or an evolved empath?

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