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Can Sociopaths Actually Fall In Love For Real?

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by Conscious Reminder

The romantic attention that sociopaths tend to draw comes in bizarre amounts, and most of them are from loving and close families. However, the question is: Can a sociopath truly love someone?

How is sociopathy defined?

Sociopathy is an informal term for the well-known Antisocial Personality Disorder. The people that are suffering from this type of disorder usually engage themselves in some self-seeking behaviors which are harmful to other people.

Such types of behaviors may include manipulation, lying, physical and verbal assaults, deception, and impulsivity. These individuals also usually engage in illegal actions or actions which are bordering on illegality.

How will this type of disorder play out in relationships?

It is not a surprise that sociopathy is not good for relationships at all. Sociopaths tend to violate social expectations and norms, which will usually result in different negative consequences, not only for the sociopath but those people who are close to him or her. With such psychological makeup, it is clear that sociopaths aren’t able to have normal romantic relationships.

A sociopath will always value himself or herself above other people. He or she will not bother to actually think out of the scope of the things they need or want, and the feelings of other people are either non-issue or secondary for them.

Taking into consideration that every successful relationship is about intimacy and compromise, such a singular focus will not make sociopaths great partners at all.

Self-serving or self-seeking ideology is definitely the basis of this disorder. A sociopath will make his or her decision on the basis of his or her own desires and needs, without thinking about how his or her actions will affect other people – including the ones that he or she is in a loving relationship with.

These personality traits affect the ability of the person to love and show love on various levels. True love isn’t self-serving and egocentric, but it requires awareness and self-confidence which permit for profound respect and love of other people.

Those people that suffer from APD aren’t able for that, which means that true love is something impossible for them.

However, this doesn’t mean that people suffering from APD or sociopaths cannot appear to be in love. Sociopaths may be excellent at faking love.

When sociopaths are in relationships, it is very common for them to behave lovingly and affectionately with their partners – sometimes, only at the start of their relationships.

Sociopaths may be charming, flattering, and charismatic, and those with APD may seem to actually love other people when their final goal is suited. However, that “love” is going to disappear or erode once their needs were finally met. 

Being in such a relationship with sociopaths or people who suffer from APD will not be easy, even though it might seem at the start. Almost in every case, sociopaths are going to become manipulative, controlling, and even abusive in their relationships.

They will also enjoy making their partners feel bad, demeaning them, destroying their self-confidence and self-esteem, or even isolating them from friends and family. Since such people never feel remorse at all, they will not feel bad when they do something to their partners.

Regardless of the fact if people are diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder or not, when they are just focused on simply satisfying their needs and desires, that would not be a good foundation for relationships at all, regardless of how charming and flattering they are.

In fact, a sociopath is a short-term thinker, and long-term plans for a relationship will not be his or her interest or focus. Although a sociopath will tell us that is what he or she wants, he or she is with us just for reaching his or her end goal.

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