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Full Moon October 2017: Hunter’s Moon Or Harvest Moon

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The full moon this October is something special, which may leave you wondering, what the full moon this October 2017 Hunter’s Moon or Harvest Moon means for your zodiac sign.

This years October full moon only happens once every 3 years and while it has many names, it it best known as either the Hunter’s Moon or Harvest Moon. Other possible names are the Travel Moon, Dying Grass Moon, and sometimes Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon.

The name the Hunter’s Mooncomes from cultures that traditionally hunt deer in the month of October.

The Full Moons & Ancient Month Names:

In ancient times, often the change in season was tracked not by the solar year but by the lunar months. For the last thousand years, people on the European continent, as well as Native American tribes have named the months after characteristics of the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. That is why so many of these names can seem nearly identical or share similar qualities.

Today, many of these ancient month names are given to the different Full Moons that we encounter throughout the year. It is thought that the Native American names were adopted by Colonial Americans and that it is still reflected in the modern calendar. So, the full moon names we use today are likely a combination of many different cultural influences.

It is interesting to note as well that some years have 13 Full Moons and others only have 12. In the years with 13 Full Moons, this extra moon is called a Blue Moon.

When Is This Years Hunter’s Moon Or Harvest Moon?

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the Harvest Moon is the closest full moon to our autumn equinox. Typically that is a full moon landing in month of September, but this year is an exception. This years Harvest Moon lands on the full moon of October 5th and this 2017 the September equinox fell on the 22nd.

The Harvest Moon derives it name from the time of year that crops are traditionally harvested. October’s full moon is spiritually known as the Hunter Moon or Blood Moon.

What Does The Hunter’s Moon Or Harvest Moon 2017 Mean Astrologically?

The Full Moon on the 5th of October falls at 12º Aries decan 2. Aries 2 is a protector and warrior, rather than a conventional nurturer. However, when it comes to love, don’t let Aries 2 confuse you, this October you could find yourself fighting more strongly for what you believe in. The Harvest Moon tends to reveal the truth. Is there someone you’re in love with and you haven’t told them how you feel yet? Or perhaps, like Neil Young said, in his song “Harvest Moon,” maybe you’re, “still in love” with that special someone and now is the time to share it.

This full Harvest Moon teaches us to be strong and independent, and to reject people or projects that are not in full alignmemt with our highest goals.

There is a lot we can gather from the name Harvest Moon alone. A harvest is a time to reap the rewards for what we’ve been working towards all year, but it is also a time where we may have to work a bit harder to finish what still remains before harvesting our reward.

August’s full moon was all about handling those necessary tasks and perhaps difficult conversations with a partner. Now you’re very close to all that hard work finally paying off!

However, as you probably already know, every full moon comes with the possibility of great change to arrive. This is a time to look ahead toward the winter and after the 5th of October, you can perhaps take a quick break before the bustle of Thanksgiving prep and holiday shopping comes knocking.

Take this break to reflect on what else you’d like to accomplish before the end of 2017. What else do you need to wrap up so you can start 2018 with a new and clean slate?

The Harvest Moon brings about an astrological opportunity, a super boost perhaps. At this time there is great opportunity for all zodiac signs to make long lasting change and with the right planning, you can make even your wildest 2017 dreams a reality.

What do you think the Hunter’s Moon or Harvest Moon will bring or your zodiac sign this October 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

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