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Today Is February 29: Interesting Facts About The Rare People Born On A Leap Day

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by Conscious Reminder

2020 is a leap year and thus February has 29 days — an extra (leap) day.

There is a minor population who are born on the 29th of February of any leap year. Their eternal dilemma is whether to celebrate their birthday on 28th February of 1st March of the non-leap years?

Throwing a birthday party is, of course, their personal choice. But for the legal and official matters like getting a license, they have to follow rules. These rules differ from region to region. The following are some interesting facts about such people who’re born on the 29th of February.

1. These People Are Very Rare To Find

The probability of being born on a Leap Day is only 0.68%, that is, about 1 in every 1,461 people. So, there are less than 5 million people who were born on a Leap Day. About 187,000 people in the US are born on 29th February. This makes such people even rarer than having 11 toes and fingers by birth!

2. Nicknames For These People

Leaplings is the most common nickname used for people born on a Leap Day. Other nicknames are- Leapster, Leap Day Babies, and Leapers.

3. Famous Leaplings

Although the list is very short, there are quite a few celebrities who were born on a Leap Day. Ja Rule, Antonio Sabàto Jr. are both Leaplings. Peter Scanavino from Law& Order: SVU, the Godfather actor Alex Rocco, Saul Williams- a rapper, actor Dennis Farina, Gioacchino Rossini- a composer, Jimmy Dorsey- a jazz musician, British footballer Darren Ambrose, and Mark Foster (musician) are all Leapings. However, the most famous among them all is probably the amazing motivational speaker and megatstar entrepreneur Anthony (Tony) Robbins. 

And the most celebrated character born of a Leap Day is Superman.

4. These Families Have 3 Leaplings Each

In Norway, a family welcomed 3 children- one on each successive Leap Year. Henry and Karin Henriksen’s 3 children are all Leaplings. Eldest daughter Heidi (1960), Olav (1964) and the youngest, Leif-Martin (1968). Their name holds the World Record in the Guinness Book for being the most number of siblings born on the same date.

Another family having 3 Leaplings is from Utah. Louise Estes birthed Jade (2002), Xavier (2004), and Remington (2008), all on the 29th of February. She has 2 other kids who were born on other days.

5. A Family With 3 Generations of Leaplings

In an extremely rare incident, 3 generations of this family have a leapling! They are Peter Keogh (father- born in 1940), Eric (son- born in1964), and Bethany (granddaughter- born in 1996).

6. How Do The Leap Day Babies Celebrate Their Birthdays of Non-Leap Year

It is a standard joke and confusion for the Leaplings to celebrate their birth anniversary. Every country has its own rules regarding this; the US states have their own rules too.

Places like Wales, Hong Kong, and England consider a Leap Day baby to ‘age’ on 1st March of the non-leap years. Many states in the US also follow this rule. Others take February 28th as the legally aging date. New Zealand and Taiwan fall in this latter category.

7. A Man Who Was Born And Died On A Leap Day

The Premier of Tasmania (1869-72), Sir James Milne Wilson is that person. Born on 29th February 1812, he died on 29th February 1880. People call him by the name Gold Star Leapling.

8.  A Mother-Daughter Duo Born On A Leap Day

Michelle Birnbaum of New Jersey is a Leapling born in the year 1980. She gave birth to Rose on 29th February 2008. This makes the mother and her daughter Leaplings. How lucky!

Hope you enjoyed knowing these interesting facts about Leap Day and the Leaplings!

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