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5th Dimensional Negative Entities

by consciousreminder
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5th dimensional negative entities.

These tend to be very powerful, intelligent and wise. They also are not physical at all, but reside in the 5th dimension. They only bother light workers, and those who are very intuitive, channel, dowse, or have a strong link with the spiritual and/or their own soul. That is because that link is the only way they can influence you (4-d’s work through the ego, not your soul connection), but 5-d’s can influence 4-d hyper-d’s to harass you.

They are highly evolved negative human souls (but not necessarily from this planet; most are from Orion), and thus have free will, just like human spirits, but unlike them are very very wise, intelligent and powerful. Very few people encounter them, but if you are a channeler, psychic, or spiritual warrior, then you will be a prime target for them.


You can do absolutely nothing against them unless they attack you relentlessly. You cannot raise the consciousness level around them, because they are non-physical, and thus non-local. You cannot send light to them, they will reject it. You cannot send curses to them; that actually empowers them, since it simply adds to their negativity (polarity), not to mention what it will do to your own calibration/karma. Since they have to drop the consciousness of the area around you to below 500 or so to affect you, orgonite can help, but they are so powerful they can usually do this for a short period of time regardless of how much orgonite you have around using what is called a DOR dump (See DOR in appendix below), implant an etheric implant, and then go on their merry way.

This information on how to defeat them has never been published before that I am aware of. Even when Ra was being channeled by Carla, how to defeat one interfering with her was not revealed.

The only way to defeat them is to deplete them of their energy/power. If you are a dowser then dowse their power, likely between 200 and 980. That not only gives you the baseline, but also lets them know that you are on to them, so they will know that you are responsible for what comes next. They are usually wise and understand that retribution is wasted energy so you generally do not have to worry about that, although some are like an addicted gambler and simply don’t know when to give up. Next dowse or intuit how many people they are interfering with (subjects), usually around 5, depending on their power level. Remember that these entities are non-local, so their subjects can be on any planet anywhere in the Universe. Now ask the Angels to bring the consciousness level of the area around each and every subject to 1,000, and hold it there for as long as possible, and to remove and destroy any implants, including time shifted ones from the subjects also.

If you dowse you can now dowse the entity’s energy level, and watch it drop as it is forced to expend its energy doing DOR dumps on each of the subjects which it has lost contact with. Over the next 30 seconds or so, their power level will drop, and most will stop the attempt when they reach 75 to 125. It normally takes 24 to 36 hours of our time for them to get their energy back. Most will not attack you again, but if they do, do it again. It is fairly rare for one to try for a 3rd attempt, but I have had them pass me off to another unwitting negative 5th level entity. Usually if they go for a 3rd attempt, they have wisened up enough to NOT waste energy trying to reconnect with their subjects, but simply wait until their levels dropped to where it could reconnect. Some will keep trying until they are stopped, like a gambler trying to win back his winnings on a losing streakmaxresdefault

I have found that on the 5th or 6th attack I am given permission to ask that it be taken to the light or bound. In those cases they always either end up converting to the light, or being dissolved or basically reabsorbed by God, or as the Bible calls it, the “second death”. I am still not certain why some can be stopped on the 5th attack, and others on the 6th. Thus far all those on the 5th went to the light, and all those on the 6th were dissolved. I suspect, but am not certain that on the 5th they can be paid a visit and given the opportunity to convert to the light (which they have to do anyway to make it to the 6th dimension which is all positive), and if they refuse are given a warning (their arrogance is not unlike what Satan was/is, which would also be a 5th dimensional negative entity). If they ignore the warning, then on request after the 6th attack, they will be absorbed by God completely.


What is DOR?

The etheric energies run from the very low (negative) to the very high (positive or light). Spirits each have a certain frequency. An enlightened loving spirit will have a high frequency, and a dark negative entity will have a low frequency.

This life energy was discovered early in the 20th century. It was given the names of or gone energy (OR or POR) and dead or gone energy (DOR), which as it turns out is nothing more that the energies we have been talking about, where the orgone or life energy would be what we are calling positive energy, and the dead orgone energy is what we would call negative energy.

A DOR dump is when an entity, whether it be a human dealing in the dark arts or a 4th or 5th dimensional entity, will have to drop the calibration of the area down to do anything negative. A high calibration, or light, blinds them, or interferes with them so they are unable to do most things. So they will lower the calibration of the area first with a DOR dump. See the above link for more information about DOR as well.

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Rebecca Clifton February 23, 2017 - 5:10 pm

I really enjoyed this article, but I disagree that nothing can be done to protect the self from these negative entities. I am a lightworker and have had several difficult experiences with such energies, culminating in a long and sustained attack a couple of years ago, (it went on for a year and I felt suicidal). As a result and because I am susceptible due to my work, my guides have taught me how to stop this happening. They showed me the entry/exit points on the body, and I block them up before I sleep using a high vibrational essences, I do this even if I’m napping for an hour. Since I’ve been sealing myself up like this, I’ve not had any further problems.
Also as a result of these very dark experiences (and my lack of fear with them now), I am able to sense them when present in those I am working on, they look like dark clouds in the aura. I strip them out of the energy field and send them on their way.
There are ways 🙂


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