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Jupiter In Sagittarius: Bewildering Array Of Choices

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

This news couldn’t have come at a better time, for Jupiter is finally back to its position after 12 years. With “it’s coming home”, it would also end the frenzied amount of sexual frustration that it had accrued, when it was in Scorpio.

It wouldn’t go amiss to say that the possibilities are limitless, for Jupiter is the planet of luck, faith, opportunity, and expansion. What’s more, is the basic fact that despite whatever Jupiter touches turns to Gold, its basic relationship with Sagittarius, as its ruler, is bound to have a lot of other benefits associated with it. Why else do you think Sagittarians are such fun-loving, enjoyable people.

There is something everyone needs to know before dipping into this wealth of information. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and hence has an abundance of well…everything. On the other side though, is the notion that it also asks us to take a lot of risks, because life without risks is mundane, and not worth living. Also, Jupiter’s position in your birth chart is a testament to what you could do in your life, and how well do you need to build yourself up for that.

If you haven’t checked your birth chart, now is the time to do so. What one needs to understand in this situation is maybe, at times, you need to be, just you. No complications, no difficulties, no complexities, in the life you lead. For why should you have such?
Complexities are nothing but an added obstacle in your way, that is better left to the dogs. All you need to do now, is sit with your birth chart, and see where Sagittarius lies, for that would give you an idea as to what you can expect from Jupiter in the future.


  • First House: Personality, Physical Appearance
  • Second House: Income, Values, Possessions, Self Worth
  • Third House: Siblings, Immediate Network, Communication
  • Fourth House: Home, Family, Ancestors
  • Fifth House: Creative Expression, Joy, Children, Romance
  • Sixth House: Health, Daily Routine
  • Seventh House: Committed Partnerships, Connections
  • Eighth House: Sexuality, Other People’s Money, Transformation
  • Ninth House: Higher Learning, School, Travel, Personal Philosophy
  • Tenth House: Ambitions, Career, Professional Destiny
  • Eleventh House: Extended Network, Friendships, Tribe
  • Twelfth House: Healing, Closure, Spirituality

In astrology, Sagittarius is shown as an archer who has nothing but the sky as its limits. Someone, whose arrow is always pointed towards the majestic sky. Someone, who would give their life to risks, because life, as reiterated above, is nothing without taking a risk. What is interesting to note, is that a Sagittarius is always brimming with emotion, optimism, and hope, so there is nothing that can bring it down.

The question stands, are you ready to take a risk? Are you willing to give your all to a future, that might be uncertain to you? Are you willing to put your foot off the crevice, and examine the world from a shaky standpoint? Something that could very well have the potential to change your destiny, your entire life? That would always remain the question. It needs to be seen if you are strong enough, to understand.

Trust me when I say, this 13-month long journey would bring with it, a host of opportunities, adventures, and the hopes for a world unfounded, undiscovered, and fresh to your fingertips. There will be a feeling of optimism from this moment hereon, till December 2, 2019.

So go ahead, and conquer it.

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