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Mercury Retrograde Will Affect The Love Life Of These Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury has been in Retrograde since the 18th of June and still has a long distance to go. Since this planet rules timing, communication, and our thoughts, you must have noticed that things kind of feel jumbled up lately.

And if you are in a relationship during this time, I feel for you. Anyway, there’s a global pandemic going on, and on top of that, Summer Mercury Retrograde is not doing you any good.

Misinterpretations and miscommunications tend to happen a lot during the Mercury Retrograde. Things might feel like they are mistimed, and that can lead to frustration.

That’s why it’s important to keep an eye out for what’s happening in the Universe. Here are five zodiacs that need to take care of their love life the most during this Mercury Retrograde.


Aries, you might be feeling unstable at this moment. That is because the Mercury Retrograde is in Cancer, which is unearthing your deep emotional issues. You will be forced to take a look at your foundation and make the necessary changes.

Focus on how you receive and give love. Try to figure out the toxic pattern that you have developed since you were a child. This might be the reason for a lot of your relationship problems.


This period might be an especially tough one for you. As the alluring Venus is influencing you, you are also being affected by Mercury. Since the past one month, Venus has been in your sign’s Retrograde, which makes you want to give and receive love.

But since Mercury is in Retrograde as well, you don’t have the clarity. If you are in a relationship, try to communicate physically rather than verbally. Resist any impulsive urges to make expensive purchases. You are sure to regret it in the near future. Try to keep calm and be patient with your partner.


The pandemic lockdown has given you plenty of time to think about the many aspects of your love connections. If you find yourself doing this, then you are on the right path. If you are not assessing your emotional issues, start doing it.

This Mercury Retrograde will bring your deep seethed intimacy and ego problems out in the light. It’s best to accept and start working on resolving them. If you need space, create boundaries, and take a dive into your inner being.


This period, although tough, is a great opportunity for you to clean up any relationship issues you might have with your partner. Bring out whatever has been bothering you and your partner, and have a straight talk.

While other zodiacs will find it difficult to communicate, you will be able to remain grounded because of your earth sign’s practicality. Don’t let this chance pass by.


Pisces, you will be on slippery grounds during this Mercury Retrograde. One or multiple past lovers may likely try to get in touch with you. If you are with someone that you love, beware of rekindling your past love flame.

But you are available, proceed, but take caution. Retrograde periods are notorious for clouding our judgment. Do not repeat your past mistakes, but be open. There is also a chance that your past passion and creative projects might stir a new wave of interest in you.

It’s clear that things are a little chaotic right now. Don’t worry. Instead, use this opportunity for positive changes. Be patient, and all will be well.

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