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Powerful Hand Gestures: Transform Your Energy With These 3 Ancient Mudras

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are many ways in which we can raise our vibrational level. Most of the time, candles, rituals, or cosmic energy is spoken about.

However, something as simple as hand gestures can help raise our vibrational energy as well. These special hand gestures are called Mudras. It originated as a practice in Hinduism – the same philosophy which gave birth to Yoga.

A practitioner of mudras can be in tune with their inner energy as well as the cosmic energy if they use these hand gestures. Mudras, yoga-based breathing exercises, are meant to be used along with pranayama.

Pranayama helps with the flow of energy or prana in our bodies. You can do a Mudra easily with your hand. While it requires a calm environment and mental peace, you can even do it while traveling too! However, each Mudra is different and has a different effect. Here are three Mudras that can really help the flow of prana within you:

The Eagle Mudra or Garuda Mudra – Awakening

Lord Garuda appeared in the Ramayana and still plays an important role in Hinduism. He is a humanoid bird-like creature and the vahana or mount of Lord Vishnu. Garuda is depicted as a muscular man with red wings. He is linked with solar energy and is like the Sacred Phoenix. He is seen as a beacon of awakening. The mudra helps your cosmic energy to grow within. It awakens our abilities and helps us to understand who we are.

Garuda Mudra – Powers

  • It helps to fight tiresomeness
  • It makes us aware of our inner powers
  • It increases our cosmic energy
  • It can help by alleviating pain
  • It can cleanse our aura
  • It can break any blocks within us
  • It is often used to prepare us for fighting visible or invisible foes

How to do it?

  • You have to first sit properly in a chair
  • Make the Garuda hand gesture
  • Touch your belly lightly with both your hands
  • Start breathing for around 3 minutes and imagine the energy flowing within you

Precaution: This mudra is known to raise your blood pressure for a short while. So, before performing it, ask your doctor for advice.

Kubera Mudra – Manifestation

Kubera Mudra is associated with Yaksha, the semi-divine. He is the protector of the Northern realms and is associated with wealth. Kubera, being a wealthy god, has a plump body, wears jewels, and takes care of the money pot. The Mudra connects us with the higher Astral plane. Thus, it creates harmony between the Microcosm and Macrocosm. It helps with the manifestation of your desires.

Kubera Mudra – Powers

  • It helps our desires to manifest
  • It attracts money and wealth
  • It brings intensity to our wishes
  • If you are intent on something, it gives you the required confidence

How to use it:

  • You have to sit properly on a chair
  • Make the Kubera hand gesture
  • Lightly touch your knees with each of your hands
  • Breathe for 5 minutes, and concentrate on your specific intention

The Lotus Mudra or The Mudra of Light

Lotus was an important symbol in several ancient civilizations, like Egypt or India. It is the Light symbol, and it moves us away from darkness and chaos to light. It is still used as a sacred flower in many Hindu rituals and Egyptian temples. Lotus mudra helps us rise from our inner darkness and connect with the Holy Light. It acts similar to a lotus – how it can stay afloat in muddy waters, not get wet, and can decorate the waters, freeing it from any negativity.

Lotus Mudra – Powers

  • It takes away negative energy and cleanses our aura.
  • It exorcises any demonic or vampiric entities
  • It banishes bad mood and raises vibrational levels
  • It helps us connect with the Divine Light
  • It cleanses any object and blesses people and animals
  • It can charm anything or anyone.
  • It brings inspiration.

Using Lotus Mudra

  • Sit in a Lotus position (preferably) or cross-legged on the floor.
  • Make the Lotus Mudra with your hands
  • Now, lightly touch your knees with each of your hands.
  • Breathe for about 5 minutes, and focus on the light following through you.

Let the mudras raise your vibrations and make the divine energy flow through you.

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