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Pisces Season 2022 Horoscopes: What The Stars Have In Store For Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

Pisces is the final sign on the wheel of the zodiac. As such, Pisces Season is a time for looking back at our journey so far.

It is a chance to do so while being more aware of the gifts and lessons that have come our way. The Sun entering Pisces gives us wisdom. After the Pisces Season, the astrological New Year will take place with the Aries season on the day of the Equinox.

Read on to find out what is in store for your sign during this season.


You may find illumination during this season. This will be a chance to let go of the past and prepare to greet your season. Your season will be a time to move forward bravely. However, before that, you need to rest, reflect and have a clear image of your desires.


You may have recently realized the need for a supportive and strong community. This will be the chance to ask for help if isolation has been creeping up on you recently. Look after your energy and remember that asking for help is also a powerful trait.


This season can be a bit foggy for you. So, work on decluttering any unnecessary thoughts filling up your mind. Meditation and journaling can be beneficial in this activity. A clearer mind will lead to easier realizations.


Pisces season is almost like a second home to you. The season’s energy can broaden your mental horizons and encourage you to contemplate your surroundings more deeply. This will be a great time for reading, traveling, studying, or just philosophizing about life.


Pisces season will ask you to be more patient, which is not something you are used to. Be careful about rushing into anything that has a sense of uncertainty. Let your intuition guide you. Even if things feel cloudy, time will reveal the truth.


Expect the recent influx of heart-centered energies to continue this season. Relationship issues may get amplified, which can bring either clarity or make things muddier. Let things settle, and believe that time will bring clarity. Your heart is set to expand this season.


This season is your opportunity to dream. This is the chance to plan out the big goals in life or be clear about what you actually want. There will be energy supportive of making routine and structure. To have the life of your dreams, you must claim it.


This season can cause a feeling of being scattered. But try to go with the flow and embrace it. Getting involved in creative endeavors will also be beneficial in dealing with cosmic energy. Try to see how you can gain a different perspective on things.


Traditionally, this season does not usually suit you. It can result in feeling scattered and uncertain. But there is a lot of growth on offer. If there are challenges ahead, try to use the seasonal energy to come up with a creative solution.


The Pisces season is filling you up with abundance. All you need to do is open yourselves and receive it. This is an auspicious time for calling in abundance-centered energy, whatever the topic may be. But first, you have to feel abundant.


If something has been depleting you, then Pisces season will be the time to release it. Also, let your intuition be the guide during this season. Do not force anything. Rather, set intentions and wait till the correct inspired actions follow.


Happy Birthday! Pisces season is your time in the spotlight. You will be feeling renewed, replenished, and recharged. Take full advantage of the recharged batteries by focusing on projects that make you feel fulfilled. Set intentions, and keep in mind that you deserve it. Let it flow directly into the heart.

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