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6 Universal Traits All Old Souls Share

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Old souls are special people who like to live differently. Old souls are ones who have reincarnated in Earth many times as compare to fresh souls who might be born for the first time in the world.

Old souls have different attitudes and temperaments as they are old at heart. Because of this old souls face many distinct problems in their lives.

Old souls love solitude

Old souls are ones who are more reserved than other younger souls. They are strong even when they alone and comfortable in their loneliness.

They seem to be ‘boring’ to their younger counterparts because they do not enjoy themselves by clubbing or going to pubs. They might not have a very colorful social life compared to others.

Old souls attract others

On account of their wisdom and good humor they attract many people towards people. But this often leaves them emotionally and mentally exhausted. They are extremely empathic people but interaction and attention quite easily make them tired.

Old souls are lonely

Old souls are only interested in meaningful relationships with other people. They only tend to form close and small circles with other people and that is perhaps the reason why you won’t see them raging in a party. Instead they love one to one conversations and a small circle of friends.

Old souls forgive

Old souls do not bear grudges towards other people. They easily forget and forgive easily knowing that it better not to take in the negativity and hoping that other people would be burnt by in it. They know that we all are one and there is no point in bearing grudges towards each other and creating differences rather than forgiving and being one. This is also how they raise the collective vibration.

They are easy going

Being easy going they are often taken advantage of by other people. They do not try to control everything and want everybody’s good.

This is why they fall prey easily to emotional vampires and narcissists.

They don’t take decisions seriously

By having a strong intuition their decisions might not make sense at all to other young souls. They have lived hundreds or thousands of lives before this birth and so they rely on something beyond logic that other souls might not be aware of.

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