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The Important Pleiadean Symbols Essential For Your Starseed Journey

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Sacred geometries or Pleiadean symbols are special especially for Pleiadeans and the Starseeds. There are many such symbols which connect with the Pleiades.

You just have to tune in your energies with it. Pleiadeans wants balance and these symbols can help you find it. If you observe and engage with these symbols, you might even activate your soul memory and understand your mission.

There is a lot more than you have to do, though, however, these signs can give you a good start. Here are the famous signs:

Heptagon/ Heptagram

Heptagon is the primal of all symbols – a 7-sided Polygon. Seven is an important number:

• It is the home of the seven stars which we can see.

• Seven is the number of primary chakras which ensures balance in our body. It is also essential for activating the Kundalini energy.

• Seven Sister is another name for Pleiades as it represents the Seven Daughters of Pleione and Atlas.

• It is an important symbol in Greek mythology.

Heptagram is the star form of Heptagon and symbolizes the star system and the connection among the seven chakras.

Taurus or the Bull

The Bull or Taurus can be spotted in the seven sisters. It shows how important it is to connect with others and form an energy force within you. Taurus brings up the balance between the physical world and the spiritual world, between the inner self and outer self.

Yin Yang or Tajitsu

Tajitsu is actually the name from Yin Yang, an important Pleiadean symbol of balance. It represents the duality within all of us. Yin Yang teaches us how important it is to find the middle ground. You might be going towards a destination now. It is rarely ever reached. However, you need to keep your energy levels right so that the dualities stay in harmony. Both sides need to exist – that’s the art of balance.


This symbol is a pair of tetrahedrons intersecting, pointing at opposite directions and then, spinning. It shows the cosmic nature that governs our body and chakras. The tetrahedrons represent male energy and female energy.

You need to enhance your aura to activate the tetrahedrons, make them spin in the same frequency and boost your energy levels. It is a vehicle of your consciousness.

Heart Symbol and The Anahata

The heart symbol is love and emotions. It is one of the greatest gifts that Pleiadeans have – emotions. The heart connects or rather marries the ethereal with the physical and the outer self with the inner self. It ensures the proper health of both body and soul.

Heart Chakra helps in keeping the Kundalini balance. It is also the 4th chakra, called Anahata. It is a bridge present between the upper and lower chakra. The Heart charka is about connection and bringing unity within yourself.

Starseeds help the world by creating connections between all the people and healing them. Without the Anahata, the purpose of Starseeds is lost.

So, learn more about these symbols and engage with your Starseed energy.

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