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Record Number Of Flamingos Paint Mumbai In Pink During Lockdown

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by Conscious Reminder

There is no denying that the current pandemic has given a massive blow to the human population. India is going through a lockdown that has extended for over two months now.

With the lockdown in place, pollution levels have gone down in the country. Nature has taken over, and this summer, a large influx of flamingoes swooped down in Mumbai, the largest city of the country.

Mumbai has seen tens of thousands of flamingos come and settle in many urban locations where once ongoing construction and fishing activities were rampant. The flamingo population has taken over the cityscape as the humans are locked in their own rooms.

The pink birds have been captured in photographs as they relax on apartment buildings or the mudflats of Thane Creek.

As per the estimation of the Bombay Natural History Society, there has been about a 25% increase in migration. The reason for this might be that industrial discharge has lowered while household sewage has increased during this period, which has resulted in the algae and plankton proliferation. Plankton and algae are the chief diet of flamingos.

As per Deepak Apte, the director of Bombay Natural History Society,

“A major reason for the large numbers is also the large flocks of juveniles moving to these sites, following the successful breeding documented two years ago. Additionally, the lockdown is giving these birds peace for roosting, no disturbance in their attempt to obtain food, and overall encouraging habitat.”

Mumbai has also seen its best air quality in 2020 March, and the air quality kept improving in April too. This estimation has been set up by IQAir, a Swiss-based air quality technology company.

The lockdown has made many people face the pains of boredom, but nature and birds coming back is soothing for their eyes. Hopefully, we would learn to coexist with nature even after the lockdown ends.

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