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Do You Think You’ve Met A Starseed? These Are The Signs That Will Confirm Your Doubts

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Who is a Starseed?

According to Wikipedia, “Star Seeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions other than on Earth. Star Seeds may also have had previous life times on earth.”

They are not aliens or remote beings. They are very much normal creatures with few unique character traits. For example, the soul of a Starseed isn’t like any other mere mortal.

They have their origin rooted in some other planet and chose to take birth on planet Earth to fulfill certain duties. It is a popular belief that they are messiahs and are born for the human good. All said and done, it is easy to spot a Starseed among humble humans.

How To Spot A Starseed?

Here are a few signs that can help you find one :

1. The Eyes Never Lie

Patrick Jane from The Mentalist is not a psychic but an observer of the highest degree. He uses this brilliant skill to solve mysteries miraculously. Starseeds too aren’t creatures who can predict anything, but they observe the nitty-gritties that escape the unassuming eye.

They are full of worldly wisdom which makes their eyes have a luster. Eyes are the windows of a soul and these wise beings reflect their wisdom through their eyes. They have big eyes that capture attention or small eyes with unique shades.

Even the shape of their eyes is not the same as anyone else. Their eyes have the depth of their soul. If you look into their eyes, you’ll drown in them. Their vision will force you to think beyond your boundary of knowledge.

2. Facial Features

Normally Starseeds have oblong faces with sharp features. They have extremely long necks devoid of any flab or folds. If you notice properly, you’ll see they have elongated skulls instead of round ones.  This has a scientific basis.

Starseeds have really developed and slightly bigger sized brain. They have a quizzical expression that’s difficult to gauge at times. Sometimes they look really poignant and sometimes they look fierce. Many Starseeds have elf-like pointed ears, a sure sign of high intellect.

3. Built

Conventionally they are tall with slender bodies. This however isn’t always fixed. Some remain the same size throughout their lives while others may overeat, causing them to gain weight rapidly. More often than not, they control their built.

Are There No Other Signs?

There are plenty of signs to spot a Starseed.

  • They can sense things quickly; warmth and coolness both affect them to a great extent.
  • They are really tough and can endure a lot. They may be petite but are actually strong.
  • They usually function in extremes. Either they go through pain without uttering a word, or they can’t handle it at all. There is no in between.
  • Have you seen some people who are really uncomfortable at cafes and pubs? This is mostly due to the artificial lighting. Starseeds prefer natural light and are extremely comfortable in daylight.
  • They have a good immune system that prevents them from falling ill at the drop of a hat. If ill, they even recover faster than other people and return to their normal life.
  • They usually have unique birthmarks having different shapes and sizes. They have a strange tendency to get bruised easily without always knowing the cause.
  • They have a deep connection with Mother Nature and tend to be amidst flora and fauna.
  • They can pick sounds before anyone else and can and are very sensitive to noise. They can also hear weird sounds of various mysterious frequencies and is accompanied by tingling sensations.
  • They have blond locks or subtle red tinged hair.
  • They are either sensitive to medicines, drugs and booze or are immune.
  •  They find solace in the solitude of night. Even if they sleep early, they wake up at weary hours and feel peaceful in the surroundings.
  • They often feel drained for no cause and feel pain in certain areas of their body.

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