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‘Nowhere’ Restaurant In Sweden Gives You Socially-Distant Fine Dining In Nature

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by Conscious Reminder

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many venues that depend on crowds have completely lost their business.

The coronavirus is extremely contagious, due to which, social distancing guidelines have been placed across the world. Given the nature of a restaurant’s business model, many are now reconsidering their business approach.

Creativity knows no bound. As restaurant owners get pushed into a corner, they are coming up with more and more creative ways to jump-start their businesses. Many have opted to take their business on the road.

Some have shifted their on-site restaurants into restaurants on-wheel. There are also restaurants that are putting their customers inside of rubber tubes.

Some have opted to place their customers in their very own personal greenhouses. And some have simply decided to use extra protective gear.

Whatever be the case, the situation is extremely serious as the owners’ livelihoods depend on their businesses. The risk of the disease is not just for the customers but for the restaurant staff as well.

Keeping in mind the various risk factors, a restaurant in Sweden has come up with the perfect solution. They are going back in nature as they scatter many tables across a nature preserve.

The restaurant has been brought to us by Oddbird and is called Nowhere. Their business model has a completely new approach. They have taken the pandemic restrictions and made it their strong point.

There’s a total of 6 tables spread across a nature preserve, which is near Stockholm. Each table is placed in a serene natural environment. The locations include a meadow, a lake, and a dense forest.

This business approach is safe, creative, and healing, as well. As we have all been forced to sit inside our homes, many are missing the calming nature of wide spaces. You don’t have to be in Sweden to enjoy nature. Just remember to take a long walk once in a while, while following COVID-19 guidelines, of course.

Create your own space in nature, and you will find yourself healing.

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