Four Zodiac Signs That Will Feel The Intensity Of Tomorrow’s Gemini New Moon

by Conscious Reminder

The Gemini New Moon is set to occur on 22nd May this year. It will bring along a wave of cosmic activity that will influence our fantasies.

It will be the perfect time to focus on decluttering the mind and planning out the future. However, some zodiac signs will be more affected than the rest. Venus, Mercury, and Neptune will be active during this time, setting in motion various energies that might confuse us.

Remember not to be impulsive and hasty in taking any decisions. Read ahead to know what the Gemini New Moon has planned for you!


This is your time Gemini. Gear up, work smart, and you will be a force to reckon with. Try to get your inner self and your surrounding to be in sync with each other. Look within yourself because you possess everything you need, and of ourselves, the celestial bodies are with you. Don’t be afraid to dream big.


You are a kind and understanding person, but sometimes it can get the better of you. This Gemini New Moon, take care of your needs first. Don’t compromise on your dreams. If you feel like there’s someone in your life who’s not letting you move ahead, you need to create some distance from them, even if it is temporary.


Time is ripe for you to work on your intimacy and relationship issues. Give love, and you will receive love. This Gemini New Moon, you will gain clarity into who you are and how people around you see you. Think about your past and present relationships, and you will be wiser.


You are sensitive and highly intuitive. Your surroundings affect your mood and even your well being. Since times are harder than usual, you might feel a little suffocated. Under the influence of the Gemini New Moon, secure physical space for yourself, and you will find peace in your mental space.

Remember to take inspiration from Gemini’s social aspect and communicate. The darkness of the Gemini New Moon will make way for a brighter future.

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