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June Has 6 Planets In Retrograde, Be Extra Careful Till The End Of The Month

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by Conscious Reminder

An enchanting season started with June, and we recently witnessed the wonderful ring of fire with the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

But the cosmos are only heating up. In the middle of this Eclipse season, as of the second last week of June, we have SIX planets in Retrograde motion.

Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, and Venus are all set in their backward motion now. Retrogrades are usually a time for looking back, a time for review, remember, rebel, and revive. Here is a short summary of each Retrograde, and how you can best navigate each.

1. Retrograde Pluto In Capricorn

Pluto turned Retrograde on 25th April in Capricorn and will stay in this position till 4th October. This transformative planet is all about cathartic changes, and we are already witnessing some of the changes it has bought. Our shadow selves came into the play when Pluto turned Retrograde. We will often be stuck thinking we are correct and hence fail to own up our responsibilities.

Pluto brings thoughts of jealousy and power struggles in relationships. If you can stay focused on our true feelings, you can deal with Pluto better.

In the work front, you will have the urge to step over others to show them who’s the boss. Dial it down a bit and learn to be a better team player till Pluto is in Retrograde.

2. Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius

Saturn turned Retrograde on 10th May in Aquarius and will stay in this position till 29th September. This taskmaster planet is busy assessing our karmic responsibilities and will make us own up to our past mistakes. No use trying to pass the buck, we need to straighten up now.

Saturn in Retrograde is a good time to rethink relationships. If you are not happy in your current relationship, or in the existing situation, you need to move up to the next level.

In the work front, you will be busy defining new boundaries, there will be some power play, and you might even create your own professional vision. Don’t be shy now!

3. Retrograde Venus In Gemini

Venus turned Retrograde on 13th May in Gemini and will stay in this position till 25th June. As we near the end of this Retrograde, we will start preparing to implement the changes Venus asks of us. This planet of social norms will urge to bring some changes in society. Maybe take a stand for your favorite cause now?

By now you have probably dropped an ex a text or vice versa. Stop thinking of past romances and nurture the love you have now.

In the work front, you have proved your mettle, but somehow the recognition is still due. This is the time to ask for what you deserve!

4. Jupiter Retrograde In Capricorn

Jupiter turned Retrograde on 14th May in Capricorn and will stay in this position till 12th September. This expansive planet will force us to seek the truth, and we will leave no stones unturned.

Jupiter brings some optimism in our love lives, but it never hurts to be cautious!

In the work front, those who are not really happy with their job will be rethinking their opportunities. Time for a career change?

5. Retrograde Mercury In Cancer

Mercury turned Retrograde on 17th June in Cancer and will stay in this position till 12th July. Communications, emotions, and electronic gadgets are up for a spin with this planet in Retrograde! Being a planet dealing with communications and turning Retrograde in Cancer means it is time to unleash those buried emotions.

As for our love life, as we look back at those emotions, we will realize who are the ones who truly deserve a place in our hearts.

Financial and professional security will be our top priority while Mercury is in Cancer.

6. Neptune Retrograde In Pisces

Neptune turned Retrograde on 22nd June in Pisces and will stay in this position till 28th November.

As the elusive planet takes a backstroke, reality will be quite difficult to accept. All the illusions your near ones have been pulling up will be stripped away, and it won’t be easy to accept the reality of the people and your own situation. Be it a lover or a family member, be very careful and observant of the truths you are getting to know.

In the work front, ideas that seemed appealing previously will lose their charm now.

While some of these planets are ending their Retrograde soon, others still have a long way to go. Worry not, just go with the flow instead of resisting the changes. Things will be a lot better soon!

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