Neptune Retrograde June 22nd — November 29th: Shattering The Illusions

by Conscious Reminder

With Neptune Turning Retrograde, we currently have SIX potent planets in Retrograde! Some month we are having, eh? 

Neptune shifted to Pisces on 22nd June when it turned Retrograde, and will continue its annual reverse journey till 29th November. With Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Retrograde motion, they are all urging us to revisit the past.

Be cautious to pause before you move ahead with any major plans. By the time Neptune Retrograde comes to an end, we will only have one other planet from the current bunch in Retrograde. Things will look much brighter from November.

The planet of dreams and illusions is rather subtle and quiet about its 2020 Retrograde.

The Many Faces Of Neptune

On higher vibrations, it is associated with absolute love and higher levels of consciousness. On lower vibrations, Neptune brings a sense of illusion and confusion. If we can work our way through this fog, we will find ourselves in a deeper level of spiritual awareness.

Not only spiritual awareness, but it also is the planet of Oneness. Neptune reminds us how we are all connected by the consciousness of the Universe, how we are essentially One.

Neptune urges us to stretch our imagination, to look beyond the known. Here are some of the themes that Retrograde Neptune will manifest in the coming months:

The Creator And Breaker Of Illusions

While in direct motion, Neptune sees many colors. There is no black and white, the world is full of illusions. But in Retrograde motion, those illusions are shattered. We become more discerning about reality and seek clear boundaries.

Now is the time to reflect on the events that happened back in November 2019 and find the illusions that need to be rediscovered.

A major theme from November 2019 is the novel virus, and Neptune itself rules over viral infections. While the seeds of this pandemic are traced back to the last Neptune Retrograde, maybe this time around, we might find some new information regarding it.

Face-Off With Reality

2020 has brought great new changes in all our lives, and the events often feel like a dream – well, more of a nightmare I’d say! Neptune in Retrograde will help us return to our reality.

Even if the reality is changed now, we will find it easier now to ground ourselves in this “new reality”. When we return to the physical plane, we will be able to accept a new direction of life. Maybe a new path is emerging?

Those feeling uncertain lately can utilize this period to take stock of where they stand. It will help them understand their own bearings and find a way to move forward. The best way to get started with this is to focus on what brings clarity to your life. Follow the steps in that direction of clarity, and positive things await you!

Laws Of The Universe

The Sabian Symbol for Neptune turning Retrograde at 21 degrees of Pisces is: “A prophet bringing down a new law from the mountain”. This indicates that we will soon find some new spiritual wisdom that will have the potential to change our perspective of life.

It can be on an individual level, where we change some major aspects of our lives or set some healthy boundaries, or on a communal level, where we can start implementing some new laws.

This phenomenon will be again observed when Neptune turns direct, but certain things will be set in motion by then.

Neptune Retrograde will remind us of the responsibilities to the self. Even though Cancer season might feel overwhelming, we need to work through it all. We own it to ourselves to create the most beautiful lives possible!

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