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If You See These 12 Changes You Are Turning Into A Hyper-Dimensional Being

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The Earth is in the process of ascending from a three dimensional reality to a hyper-dimensional one. Even our bodies will feel the changes as we prepare ourselves to live in a whole new reality.

This is a time for great change and fluctuations; so it can be a bit hard on all of us. But preparing ourselves for this change and understanding its impact will help us navigate through these confusing times. Here are the 12 signs which indicate your shift into a hyper-dimensional being.

1. You no longer find synthetic foods even remotely appetizing because you have become aware of the importance of healthy nutrition.

2. You feel like you’re under the weather a lot. Aches, body pains and other such symptoms surface when there is enormous amount of energy working its way through your body.

3. You are finally able to see why certain things in the past had to happen the way they did.

4. You seek peace and quiet. No matter how much a party freak you were before, you want a quieter life now.

5. You feel the need to heal yourself as the changes around you take the toll on your body. And you find yoga, meditation and other such natural remedies more useful.

6. Your understanding of time is going through a rapid shift.

7. You no longer take things for given. You have your doubts about the ‘facts’ which are being served to you by popular media and you do your due diligence before believing anything.

8. Same with what is happening in politics. You are much more aware of its inner workings than before.

9. You also prefer to be in the company of people who can remain peaceful as silence appeals to you more.

10. You are finally letting go of people who bring negative or toxic vibes in your life and who can’t help in your growth.

11. You find that you are full of a new kind of energy. Something which you’ve never felt before.

12. You feel a change within you as you finally find the balance within. You are ready for any new challenges because you have completed faith in your powers.

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