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Capricorn Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse July 4th/5th: Peace, Harmony & Happiness

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by Conscious Reminder

On 5th July, we are scheduled to experience the power of a Lunar Eclipse. July 5th marks the day when we witness the Capricorn Full Moon.

However, along with the Full Moon, we get the magic of the Lunar Eclipse. The influence of this Eclipse mostly comes from the stars, and it is founded on happiness and joy. It is an optimistic influence, full of intellectual prowess. The joy, however, does not only stem from intellect.

This is a time when our friendship goals and business objectives can start to flourish as well. This is because the Lunar Eclipse is being blessed by the positive aspect of Uranus and Mercury.

This positive aspect between these two planets means we are up for exciting conversations. We are more comfortable going out and making new friends.

The Eclipse will also take place in conjunction with the asteroid Vesta. This means domestic harmony will be the theme during this phase. Since the Lunar Eclipse is occurring opposite Mercury and in trine with Uranus, their mild positive influences will chart a positive course for our life.

Along with that, there is the conjunction of the Moon with Jupiter, which also brings a positive twist in our lives. Mercury, the Moon, and the Sun are all being blessed by optimistic fixed stars.

This gives an overall positive tone to this period, and though we are going to go through the Mercury Retrograde phase, it will not have much effect during this period.

However, since the Lunar Eclipse is going to take place opposite Mercury, communication will be a key during this period. You have to communicate properly. Scrambled words can lead to polarized thought processes. Biases can start to set in your mind.

Since Mercury will be squaring Mars, there will be a tendency to rush your thinking, and this can be quite chaotic. Try to be more comfortable while speaking and do not hold back too much. If you want, you can even reveal hints of your kinkier side. Be free and try to push the conversation to exciting areas to keep it rolling.

This Eclipse is a great time to explore the areas outside your comfort zone. Leave boring relationships or hobbies and start expanding. Look inwards, find yourself, and be more self-aware.

Mercury is going to sextile Uranus, which means you will have heightened perception during this period. You will see things with more details, uncover new ideas, and might even set a new course for your future. Even your psychic abilities will get a boost.

Sirius, the fixed star, is like Mars and Jupiter – expansive and grand. It expands your wealth and passion, but also increases resentment if you feed it.

You have to take in the magic of Sirius and use it to make your life better. With Mercury in Retrograde, the power of Sirius is much higher now.

The positive influence of Uranus and Mercury will be pretty evident during this period. It will make you curious, help you get out of your comfort zone to explore new areas, make new friends, and also help you make new discoveries.

The strong benefits of this phase come from the fixed stars. The stars bring in great fortune along with philosophical wisdom.

The Sun pairs up with Sirius to bring domestic and business harmony. Mercury pairs up with Athena to enhance your artistic ability. Asteroid Vesta also brings domestic harmony in your life.

So, the July 5th Lunar Eclipse is a great time to support your family and explore new relationships with friends. Express yourself and find new worlds to share with others.

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