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To All The Modern Mystics, Shamans & Healers: Never Forget These 10 Things

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Never Forget These 10 Things:

1. New Age healers’ main purpose isn’t to treat and heal certain condition and illnesses; they help humans to align with the vibration of the Earth and the cosmic energies so the human kind can enter a new evolutionary processes.

Children often come to their parents as teachers and help them just by being present.

2. Those who, for whatever reason, can’t keep up with the transformation processes, are most likely to experience pain and hardship.

Even now, in these times of chaos, one may be satisfied with life, be completely healthy, and maintain a state of the inner harmony if one doesn’t allow to be affected by chaos. It doesn’t mean that we are stuck living in our comfort zone. This means that we live in this world, we are present, but we don’t permit the negative to touch us.

3. Our task is to get involved in the paradigm of the new Earth.

However, this is a bit tricky and paradoxical, because this paradigm is not something visible and tangible; it is being created within us simultaneously and in accordance with our spiritual growth.

4. The concept of the spiritual path changes, as such it does not really exist, we aren’t going anywhere, the search is over, the struggle is over, being and existing take the main stage.

The moment, the here and the now. The journey is “canceled” because time is no longer linear, we have entered the space of existence and we are developing as a sphere.

5. Because of the state we are in we start creating.

Sometimes something beautiful emerges, and sometimes something terrifying. Creating now comes from the heart; we create with all our actions of love and gratitude. Creation doesn’t come from our mind and thoughts anymore. Realization happens when we put real and pure intention embellished with love. When someone is well balanced and in harmony with oneself and his/her surroundings, he or she only need a small impulse at a soul level to materialize something.

Manifestations are no longer necessary. It stays in the past. We are not going anywhere, creation happens here and now, it comes from the moment.

6. It is impossible to train for a paradigm waiting to happen; it is something new, something yet to come.

It is still very important to understand and explore our dual and individual reality; each of us has its own and this is where all the layering happens. Even our closest people and loved ones have their own realities that often don’t match our vibrational levels.

This is why people will enter and exit our lives in a very natural way, and we will learn to let go and cut energetic ties. The temporary void isn’t something that should be scaring us; new people will replace those who went away, thus creating even better, more intensive experiences and opportunities to grow.

7. Theme, which is now current for those who have long been in practice.

Annulment and Release. Three-dimensional information, including spiritual themes, is annulled. You will notice that they no longer want to read books and intensively listen to seminars.

People in the future will learn from the Earth: it provides cleansing, it nourishes, and has bribed information, databases, millions of Earth’s history and cosmic civilizations that are linked to Earth. They will learn and heal through More I, with their higher aspects.

8. We will learn to speak and think with the heart, this will be our main brain, the words will be less, we will talk about the pictures, send each other from the heart center of energy of love.

9. Porišće empathy and spontaneous manifestation of love for close and unknown people.

This is in a good sense an infectious process. So communication will no longer look like a “thought-pack” exchange but a “sense-packet”.

10. How energy goes: Vertical energy flows connect Earth and Cosmos.

Horizontal flows, these are the energies of astral planes, in which the negative thoughts of the forms and feelings of the people, the energy they make. People with toxic thoughts and feelings recall cancer cells on Earth’s body and do not fit into a new paradigm. They are in conflict with processes, going to be prolonged.

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