The Test Of True Love: Manifesting Your Twin Flame

The story goes that man was created by the gods as having one body but two heads and two distinct halves: a male and a female.

It was then that man was complete, self-sufficient and completely rational, because he has masculine strength and warlike nature but the feminine sensibility and sensitivity as well to complement it.

But for some reason the king of the Gods had other plans. He was enraged by men and decided to chop them into two incomplete, insufficient and only partially rational halves: a male and a female.

Furthermore, in his rage he decided to damn him and her to roam the Earth, looking for their other half.

Thus wrote Plato, in his Symposium. So you see the implications of calling someone your soulmate. You were literally destined to look for them all your life or rather lives.

The Twin-Flame (alternative term) burns with the same flame as you, because your souls are one and united despite your distance geographically or even in time.

Now the big question: Can such far-flung, philosophical fairy tales have any meaning in the age of the internet? When people actually do things like speed dating.

Is it valid to wait for that one true love who might or might not even arrive like Beckett’s Godot?

The answer is, yes.

Because we owe it to our souls to never give up on them. True love makes one a better person: by not giving up on your soul mate, you don’t give up on true love and in extension faith and your own self.

That way you keep the hope alive.

Faith is a gift very few people receive in their lifetimes. But in some ways it is also a skill that can be learned. Try to be patient and try to breathe through life.

Love takes time. But it is a beautiful thing that is worth every second of waiting and every ounce of shit life chucks at you.

Breathe. Live and wait.


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