3 Zodiacs That Need To Watch Their Step During This Full Moon Eclipse In Capricorn

by Conscious Reminder

This entire year has been filled with Cosmic activities. The June Full Moon Eclipse and the June New Moon Eclipse happened already.

Now, we need to get ready for the Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn that will occur on 4th July 2020. Full Moons are a time of resolving issues.

So, this 4th of July, we might find unexpected new information come to light. The zodiac Capricorn will bring out themes related to authority, power, institution, and tradition.

Things are likely to heat up further. As we get ready to conclude a chapter of our life, these three zodiacs need to be extra careful during this Full Moon in Capricorn.


This 4th of July, you will be encouraged to take a look at what your public image is. Reflect on your actions and assess your public persona.

While personal assessment and satisfaction are paramount, it is also important that your outer life matches your inner life. If you recognize a crack in your personal foundation, work on it, and you will shine.


Generally, you don’t find it difficult to be social or match your personal and public life. You are who you seem to be. But, under this Full Moon in Capricorn, you will find yourself confronting your deep dark issues of self-worth.

What you need to do is accept your fears and reconcile with them. Only then you will find true inner peace. You might feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry because this period is an opportunity for you to heal.


The most important thing for you to do during this Full Moon Eclipse is to face all challenges head-on. You often tend to use your creativity to escape. But, this time, you need to deal with your issues, however hard they might be.

Remember that it’s okay to rely on your support system. Things are going to get a little rough, but it’s only an opportunity for you to grow stronger.

Take note of the advice zodiacs. Be patient, and you will fare well.

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